Freedom Fry has a new vid


So – friends of the family (the Lucy vs. the Globe family) have a new video out. When doing the grand trip across the USA the German and I managed to catch up with Freedom Fry on more than one occassion. Once in LA, once at SX with just Bruce and then I’m pretty sure Mereki Beach and I caught up with them on Spreecast also.

All I have to say – sweetest people on the planet earth. I’m not sure if that’s necessarily good promo for the band – sorry guys – but you are the tits, and it should be known.

I kind of wish I was an extra in “Summer in the City” – as I think the femme at around 2:35 is pretty much me on any given day I decide to wear a bit of lippy.

Have a watch, have a listen – and fan a Freedom Fry Facebook page.


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