Forever and a day, I will obsession over Solange Knowles.. FOREVES


I mean, I also obsess over DFA. they are pretty spine tingling on their own. But I love Miss Solange Knowles, because she is sort of her own. Not “Beyonces sister” (I love Beyonce, also – this isn’t a dig at the Queen) but more she does her own business and owns that, entirely.

Girlfriend has sick style, too.. Can I call her my girlfriend..? Does that feel inappropriate, coming from a person who’s culture is not ingrained in the girlfriend speak..? I don’t know, but she is all sass. And if I wasn’t such a slave to travel, I would aim to dress like the ye fair Solange, she of all things bold and enviable.

Nouveau tracks put out by DFA featuring Solange Knowles below.


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