Foreign Fields, you cured most of it.


Foreign Fields makes me feel positively giddy. This isn’t disco Monday – and I’m sorry if that is what you were after. But Taller is just plain delightful.

It’s soft – it’s soothing, and it makes me want to wrap up in a blanket and melt into my couch. Considering I just lost 1.5h of life to the 2nd Sex in the City movie and it made me feel like shit – I consider this an emotionally good outcome.

Why a Sex and the City movie makes me feel shit is semi beyond me. I think it might be as simple as – I lost 1.5h of my life to that drivvle, and my dear friends – I cannot get that back.. ever.

So to then hit play on this Foreign Fields song, get myself wrapped up in a blanket and just sink into the couch.. That is sort of meloncholy perfection.

For me – for the right now, it can’t be beat.


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