It’s that time again, when we throw down and shake our tail feathers to all those jams from the 90’s/ 00’s/ and most likely now. That’s right children of the night, we are throwing another blog party, and you are all invited.

Once again we are getting together with our favourite blogging friends (Demons Galore, Nordic by Nature and PonyDanceClyde) to bring you some of our best hip hop anthems – the only difference? This time, your mate Bron and I are actually de-de-de–jaying (that’s me scratching – see, already awesome.)

We are giving away some tickets – because why the fuck not. So answer this simple question in the comments section below and probably you will win. Let me set the scene… You’ve just made it back home with a new and exciting femme/ homme of sass:

What track (of the hip hop/ r’n’b persuasion) are you popping on the
music system to get yourselves involved in pants off Friday?

LUCY: Probably something Mos Def – is that super un-sexy ? I don’t think I would win this contest, fuck. You’re on your own Bron.
BRON: How to Dress Well – & It Was U. Does this count? Either way – take me, I’m yours, Tom Krell. PANTS OFF.

Here are some of the facts, because you will need those – if you intend on coming:

DOORS: 23:00 (that’s 11PM for those of you that don’t read a 24h clock)
CO$T: 5€

If you are after more info than just this – you can get that and so much more from the facebook event page. Click attending, make us look popular.

As Bron and I are so excited by our foray into party DJing we’ve been curating playlists. So-many-playlists. Probably some of you can’t make it to our party because you live in: San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Melbourne, Sydney, Hamburg (although, Hamburgers – get over yourselves, you’re like 3 hours away), some other cool city that is not Berlin… FORGET ABOUT IT – we have you covered.

Below are some of our favourite tracks, that we may or may not play. If you are coming – limber up and get in the zone. If you aren’t – live vicariously.

Disco kisses XX



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