FIRST WE TAKE THE STREETS ’14: Who to see and when


Wednesday/ Thursday officially starts off our Berlin Music Week of live events – and we made a list/ playlist, because we are that excited. It’s not a list of everyone because  that’s far to much work. But it is a list of my most exciting acts of the 3 day extravaganza, where artists play venues through out the city (largely Kreuzberg) – we all go, meet new people and have a nice time.

Sounds like a pretty luscious warm up to winter – right? Damn straight it is. Some events are free (Our/Berlin Music Week), some cost some money (First We Take the Streets/ Berlin) – but any way you slice it, it’ll be a laugh.

Get involved.


Dreamy-Scandinavian-people. Really. “Give us three words to describe yourself Jaakko, oh – wait, don’t worry – I’ve already done it for you.” Old mate has great hair, can successfully rock a skivvy, makes sweet music and plays our favourite free event for the week of music that is Berlin Music Week (Our/Berlin Music Week) – WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT.

WEDNESDAY | Our/Berlin Music Week  19:00 – 19:30
THURSDAY | Postbahnhof 21:50 – 22:20


With Sivu we are looking to dreamy rock n roll type vibes – these aren’t my usual type of vibes but as a nice showcase to music in and around Berlin I think this should somehow tickle everyones fancy. Coming to us from somewhere Commonwealth based, this gravelly yet sweet voice is all up in my top picks.

THURSDAY | Tante Emma (Akustik-Sets)  18:00 – 18:30
THURSDAY | Privatclub 20:00 – 20:30


I have seen Dinner live about 5 times. Not even a joke – and literally everytime the experience that his him live in concert progresses to some version of a next level crowd participation. Whether it be some version of meditation or general spiritual awakening – Dinner’s got it. And I’ve missed him – Hi Dinner XX

THURSDAY | Our/Berlin Music Week 19:00 – 19:30
FRIDAY | Neue Heimat 19:00 – 19:45,


Femme with the pipes. I think we have covered off how much I’m vibing Seinabo Sey, both on the blog and all over the facebook page – so to say I’m only a little bit excited to catch everything that is Miss Sey would be a total understatement.She is about as empowering as my run this AM – which mean I am literally high kicking my way to work today because all these feelings combined I’m Beyonce/ Honey Badger hybrid. Look-out.

THURSDAY | Lido 21:40 – 22:20


Sinkane is all these jazzy shoe gazey vibes with and African flavour – and I can vibe it. When I pull old mate on Spotify it pops him in the related artists area of John Wizards, which actually can’t be a higher form of recommendation for me at moment. It’s uncomplicated music that makes you move a little bit, and that’s the exact flavours I’m searching for.

THURSDAY | Postbahnhof 23:20 – 00:20 Postbahnhof


I saw Adna at Spot Festival this year, and she was literally the sweetest thing I have seen in ages. With these sounds that could probably soundtrack some really moody part of a indie romantic type movie – set in an airport, with lots of silent thinking. PERFECT, because shouldn’t life feel somehow like those pensive moments at airports? <3

FRIDAY | Our/Berlin Music Week 17:00 – 17:30
FRIDAY | Tante Emma (Akustik-Sets) 19:00 – 19:30,


I’m excited. Phoria has been all up and around the blog since forever it feels, and now they will be in Berlin – and we are excited. It wasn’t so long ago that Phoria’s Red broke the like function on my blog – and I’m really looking forward to an IRL version of this. Let’s break the IRL like button – bitte !

FRIDAY | Bi Nuu 21:30 – 22:10


If you don’t go see Kindness, your an idiot. Really. I don’t even know what more I can say on this – and actually I probably shouldn’t even urge you to go see him because then I probably can’t get in and I will have a quiet tantrum on the frigid Autumn streets of Berlin, after one too many beers and little sleep. Nobody has time for that. Don’t go, it will be terrible..

FRIDAY | Astra Kulturehaus 22:20 – 23:00


AUSTRALIAAAIAIIAIAIAIAIA. Actually Rüfüs is doing a bit of an EU stint, playing both Berlin Music Week and Reeperbahn Festival – we are working ourselves into a bit of a nationalistic tizz. Do you want to find yourselves surrounded by Australians men and woman alike? Of course you do, we are probably the most fun you will have in ages, Germany. So.. Go to Rüfüs – it’s science.

FRIDAY | Berghain Kantine 23:40 – 00:40, 


Disco disco disco. You wanna finish your First We Take the Streets/ Berlin experience on a disco high, with all the right fist pumps? You are going to Iamnobodi. “Related to” artists on Spotify include: Sampha, Kaytranda, Shlohmo and IAMJMSN.. Think about it/ see you on the d-floor.

FRIDAY | Yaam Beachbox 03:45 – 05:00


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