Finnish Wave Night? Officially all about it.


This week has started out exceptionally. I couldn’t tell you why. It could be that the trees are changing colours and are looking mostly pretty and not like they are actually dying (which they obviously are). It could be that I bought a really good jacket on Friday – and that has been a game changer to me looking fucking epic on the reg. It could just be that I managed a run this morning and endorphins are legitimately NO JOKE.

I don’t really care what it is – but this week is going to be good, and that is supported in part by Nordic by Nature’s Finnish Wave Night this Wednesday at Prince Charles. Actually – I lie, it is not just Nordic by Nature bringing you this Scandinavian extravaganza – we also have a handful of other note worthy humans helping produce this event: I Hugged Your Mom In Helsinki (P.S. it’s mum), nothingbuthopeandpassion, PonyDanceClyde and – HECTIC.

Bringing together Finlands very own Burning Hearts and BIG WAVE RIDERS – I’m excited. I’m excited for Nordic By Nature DJ’s who I am mostly hoping will play some sort of obnoxious baby making music – like so. I’m ALSO (really) excited to get around a handful of clever Fin’s. Can you call them Fins? I think I’ve started it, if it’s not already a thing.

The question here – like with all Scandinavian run events – are the Finnish males/ females of the high standard we have come to know and love from Denmark/ Sweden? I don’t know any Finlandians – and males that read my blog, I’m still loosely on the market. And by loosely – I don’t mean whore’ishly. I mean the title of Lucy’s Winter Boyfriend is still somewhat available.

So – my advice? This Wednesday – get around a clever Finnish Wave Night Berlin – and wear your best shoes and socks.

You know it’s all about intelligent footwear.


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