Fashion for chubby people, bring it.


OK – right. This may or may not be a rant, I can’t quite work it out yet. But it has started that way in my head. We are coming into summer – now in SF this is non-existent, but this year for my birthday I will have 10 glorious days (3 in Austin/ 7 in Mexico) where I will need summer attire..

My first thoughts? Cut offs. They have been cool since circa 2003, I had a pair. However, I am pretty tired of these guides to summer-wear, where it is only cut offs and over sized singlets (tank tops) – fucking……hey.

Skinny girls, you think you can fashion out by cutting up some shorts and donning an over sized tank. Or perhaps cutting careful holes in a vintage t, to make it look more vintage. Want a prize for being (not that) original? Want a prize for who can spend the least on their clothes? Why not work on fashion’ing out on clothes that will work on the fatties too…

It could be that I am not actually bitter at you for suggesting the cut offs – but bitter at the cut offs for not working with my legs. When I think about this though, I feel like cut offs were high on the fashion rotation as of 2007 until last year (peaked, now – finished). This year.. Who knows – Alexa Chung probably needs to wear it, and we all follow.

Anyway – I just found this fashion’esque blog and it annoyed me greatly (not posting here, because I don’t like to hate on people – openly). Don’t vintage your pics, suggest cut offs and decide you are the fucking oracle of all that is sassy. You are a size 2, with legs for days. That wasn’t that difficult.

I’m just saying, when you suggest cut offs to every man and their dog, things get pretty ugly.

(Mind you, if I am more of a bag of bones by Tex-Mex – I’mma probably don some cut offs.. Don’t judge.)


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