F you mate, yeah – FFFFFF


Let’s get right to it, because I am especially time poor today. FFFFFF – is for a lot of bands, all of whom I love, adore and admire. So, hit play – have a listen – and pencil them in you SXSW calendar.

Fitz and the Tantrums // Don’t Gotta Work It Out
Fitz and the Tantrums – make me totally weak at the knees.. I’m unsure I have ever really posted about them before – but a mate of mine sent me their CD (yes, like an actual CD) when it first came out, and they really do make me swoon. I mean – I’m not going to go dance the beer off my arse from listening to them – BUT they are positively a good listen. In this scenario, old news is good news – so sorry to be behind the 8 ball with sharing. But, yummy.

French Horn Rebellion // What I Want
Disco -disco – disco. In a good non-offensive way. French Horn Rebellion, makes me want a drink so badly. And it’s that giddy feeling of alcohol that gets me, you know the I’ve had 2 or 3 (American) vodka sodas and I’m a little giddy.. If I was a better drinker – I would probably hang around that mark. Unfortunately – I’m not.. Or maybe I am an excellent drinker, excellent at holding it down.. Anyway – French Horn Rebellion makes me feel tiddly – and like a tiddley dancer. Get me a drink, and turn it up, because you’re making me feel sexy. Heeyyyyy.

The Fresh & Onlys // Waterfall
Heyy San Francisco – fancy seeing you here. It’s funny, I had never heard of this band – until I’m about to head off to Texas and possibly see them/ definitely recommend them.. More down tempo than I guess I am generally into – but I’m sort of loving them. I also (sadly) love the fact that they use the & symbol in their band name. I don’t know why – but it gives me the warm/ fuzzies. They are playing at a Windish Agency gig – once upon a time – when I wanted to change jobs, I looked at moving to Chicago in the hopes of working for the Windish Agency. Kind of lame – but they have a semi epic band roster. The End

Foster the People // Helena Beat
I can’t even recommend this band highly enough – so much energy, so much fun – and their music just makes you move. Now I don’t even know about you – but I like movement, standing still is not ok. They played a gig recently in SF – I wasn’t drinking, and it was a Thursday – so not as much fun as it possibly could have been – HOWEVER, I had a fabulous time.. They were perfect, happy little band boys – pleased to be in the hipster graceland that is San Francisco. Swoon all over them, on the daily.

Wanna see more from F? head over to SXSW – get it done X


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