So – this is exciting. This is new. This is a TUESDAY my dear friends. I said this yesterday in our hottopicz spreecast that “Monday’s were a terrible day for anything” – because everyone sucks, and no one has their shit together. Tuesday and Wednesday are your dayz. And if Tuesday is ANYTHING to go by – I feel like Wednesday might be mental.

Even though it does feel like a Thursday – and my week is going excruciatingly slow > today has been good. Even if the music wasn’t actually released today – I found it today, and that makes it GOOD!

Work Drugs – our mates from Philly, who the Poule d’Or and I managed to have drinks with in a rather big fashion on some weird night like a Monday – released an album today (buy it over at the Work Drugs bandcamp for practically nothing). Things that make me happy – dancey poppy indie business from Work Drugs.

Get on my God damn overpriced paper weight we commonly refer to as a locked ATT iPhone > and play me out all over Berlin. Better than that friends – COME TO BERLIN. I’m certain I’m a bee’s dick away from getting an apartment. You can stay with me. Go to Hamburg – I’m sure Hendrik will look after you.

#GERMANY2012 – we, slash just I (..possibly can’t speak for everyone) miss you.

Boogie Lights – is my fav, so far. Listen. BUY ABSOLUTE BEARING.


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