ENTER IYES, and the reverse interview.


You wanna know a funny fact about me, when I write these posts about music people, I have to be listening to their music at the same time. I think it has something to do with me writing the way I speak, and I really need to get excited about the content.

So right now – listening to IYES, I’m just about melting into my computer.

There is very little info out and around about the band itself, but here’s what we know – for FACTS:

  • This outfit is a 2 piece get up – IYES is made up of 1x dude and 1x femme.
  • Dudes name is Josh, he is 22 years old and will now forever and always get around some 80’s tunez.
  • Femmes name is Melis, she is a 19 year old beauty from Prague….Could I be a 19 year old beauty from the Eastern block, please?
  • They are located in Brighton, England.
  • IYES is pronounced EYES, but with an I.

As a result of being entirely shrouded in mystery – I sent team an email. Or did they send me a Soundcloud message? It’s all a bit vague how the Lucy vs. IYES friendship sparked – but spark it did, and now I have two poems (one / two) dedicated to me and a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Our team are anything but “normal” in the best possible way and from that we decided your typical question/ answer initiative would be a bit beige. So, they Asked Lucy! That’s below, and so is their track Lighthouse.

And now, you’re up to date. So, read on.

IYES: OK, so the scenario for you – we are at Josh’s house, the guitar’s broken, the piano’s broken, Keira Knightley’s come over for marmite on toast – do we:
1. Go acapella and get the hoover out (messy beauty)
2. Part ways for the night, Knightley gets tired and crashes, 3 months later files a divorce with her fella?
LUCY: OK – so, what is everyones obsession with Keira Knightley? Femme is way too skinny, and sort of really annoying looking. I mean – I guess if I looked like her, I’d be cool with it. But from a not looking like her perspective, that long skinny vibe she is putting off – really gives me the irrits. With that in mind – I’m going with scenario one – for two reasons:

  1. Keira Knightley is annoying – the end.
  2. In scenario two Josh/ Melis one of you (in a way) is the rebound pawn. You don’t want to be the rebound pawn.

IYES: Raining and sunny, umbrella or shades?
LUCY: Oh – this is a really good question! Umbrella.

IYES: People ask for an encore, what shall we do to be “unique”?
LUCY: Don’t play one – encores are for arseholes. And if you really must – do an acoustic version of Bump n’ Grind or None of Your Business.

IYES: Evian or Volvic?
LUCY: Volvic – wrongest name for water ever? That. So wrong, it gives me a bit of a thrill when drinking it. Also, apple flavoured Volvic water – is the single best cure to any hangover.

IYES: Condom lottery : we pierce one out of three with a needle / juggle em up, 3 girls, 3 lads – would u play?
LUCY: There are 3 reasons I wouldn’t play –

  1. Babies at 28 are less than ideal.
  2. Herpes are no joke – it’s not a surprise I’d be thrilled by.
  3. I don’t roll without feelings.



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