End of the working week notes:

  1. I can’t believe Ra Ra Riot has just announced their tour for the US of A – and they arent coming to SF – what sort of bull shit is that.
  2. Love the fact that Queen – Under Pressure just came on my pandora station..
  3. Just before Queen was K-Os
  4. and before that was Pink Floyd.. yeah – it’s a good mix..
  5. I’ve been nursing a beer for about an hour now – what is wrong with me.. I think I have forgotten how to drink.
  6. Have had a drink every night this week – so unsure the above point this is the case
  7. Gorillaz just came on my playlist – best ever – whaaa?
  8. Was listening to Gorillaz new album last night – not sure on my feelings – but it did take me back to Coachella
  9. Coachella – I realise – opened many very weird doors for me.. with regards to people I mix with socially..
  10. Someone filmed me at Coachella and it ended up on my FB wall today – fucked up..
  11. sort of liked it though because now I am imortalized by film..
  12. until someone deletes it..
  13. I got 65% of my filing done – 35% left is a good margin.
  14. It’s Friday – I finished my beer – I’m going to have another.
  15. Think that’s it – now I’m just writing anything that comes to mind..

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