Emay, Emay, Emay – I think I love you..


Ok – so, I know that hip hop is not normally my forte, but I’m sort of OBSESSING over EMAY. He released an EP yesterday (Mind Altering Dynamics) and it is sort of on non-stop in my headphones.

Hailing from (OH) Canada – I am starting to question what they are popping in that water.. Seriously, shit’s heavy in Canada with all these artists coming out of the wood work – in full EPICITY (yeah – I’m pretty sure I made that word up, remember this – when you see it in Websters – FAME!)

ANYWAY – this white girl is feelng some-what ghetto chic – this does not happen often. I mean, I do love a good bit of hip hop; when I was a kid my fav groups (full stop) were Beastie Boys (circa 1987 >1994 hits) and Cypress Hill – which I think is sort of typical for a privledged 14 year old, to get into music that talks sort of hood. I mean especially an Australian – I don’t even think I knew what  a bong was > but I definitely wanted to take a hit from one.

Anwyay – you should fully go and download his EP – that shit is free, there is no excuse not to – have a listen. Even if you aren’t into hiphop (at all) it is really pretty soothing. It lulls me wickedly into keen productivity at work.

Have a listen of a couple hand selected ones below (may favs of a total 8 songs) > then click through to his Bandcamp, and get it done.

Get it done RIGHT!


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