Eff you Banana Republic


You know – eff Banana Republic. I mean, I don’t shop there. I don’t love their stuff – but their ads are everywhere, and you know – I’m going to say it – they make me feel inadaquate..

And not in the sense that it makes me want to buy their clothes. But in the way that I hate them. Yeah – black and white happy model people, I hate you. and your perfect faces, and your less than awkward leaning on one another in public places positioning.

I mean – come on.. Seriously..?

I’m sorry to get real this early in the morning – but farrrrk. Beautiful people, holding hands, while elegantly crossing their legs and effortlessly throwning a cardy over ones shoulders – does not happen.

Few flaws in this:
1. They are on grass in bare legs – grass makes people itchy. Their skin is blemish free.
2. Who actually looks fabulous when throwing a cardigan over their shoulders – I mean it’s like wearing a belt over an oversized cardigan. Looks awesome at Jcrew.com – but not so awesome in my room – when modeling in front of the mirror..
3. When do you ever stare off aimlessly into the distance – not talking. Ok – so I get it, I talk a fair amount – but seriously, Banana Republic – you watch too much Bold and the Beautiful

So fuck you Banana Republic – for making me want an uber stud of a boyfriend, who will wear sunglasses while staring off into the distance, all the while maintaining skin-to-skin contact, silence and an overall feeling of nonchalant cool.


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