EAT & DRINK: Roamers, because yum.


I really don’t see myself doing tonnes of these eat here, drink there posts because honestly my vocab isn’t large enough since operating in a country where I am the second language to be able to articulate food things to an appropriate level. However if there is one thing you should do this week, you should go Roamers. Here are the facts:

  • the coffee is delicious, and they make mini ones (cortado/ piccolo/ 3/4 latte) without condensed milk, which is somehow a really normal drink in Germany.. Note to Germans: condensed milk is not normal in coffee.
  • they have fresh soup, which supports my current eating plan of soup and salad – 2014, still killing it.
  • they do poached eggs, which is a rare thing in the land of wurst und honig.
  • the interior gives me intense pangs of nostalgia for the really wonderful coffee shops in America, with all it’s succulents and unfinished wood details.
  • the guys who own the place are super dreamy, and lovely – which makes a visit all the better. Rather than dreamy and boring OR aesthetically challenged and super lovely.
  • It’s literally a 3 minute walk from my house, which means nothing to you – but for me, that’s the best bit.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even a good idea to write about nice things that I like, because then maybe they will sell out or in this scenario – I will turn up and there won’t be a seat for me (actual disaster).

Regardless (Berlin) today is Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday and you probably won’t have anything to do but feed your hang over – so go feed it at Roamers with poached eggs and coffee.

You’re welcome.


ROAMERS – 64 Pannierstraße Berlin 12043
open: most of the time.


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