I’d like to buy an ‘E’ thanks John Burgess…


POWERING THROUGH! – we have made it to the letter E in our SXSW quest, 5th letter of the alphabet – a vowel. One of the ones you would need to purchase – IF playing Wheel of Fortune.. I know this because as a kid our nanny person (name was Nancy – hate saying Nanny and/ or babysitter – because she really was part of the family – however you don’t know what a Nancy is, so for clarity sake) used to make us eat dinner at 5:00p – so that:

  1. She wasn’t still cooking at 5:00, reason being so that…
  2. She could watch Family Feud
  3. AND Wheel of Fortune – directly after Family Feud

As a result of this – I have quite the knowledge of these programs, and answers to many of their questions (about 10 years of daily knowledge)

Ellie Goulding // Sweet Disposition (the Temper Trap cover)
Is this obvious..? I’m not sure – but I’m not afraid to admit I love Ms Goulding. She is so fabulous. Saw a song performed by her live – and she actually sounded the way she sounds.. Weird? Well, sort of – considering I feel like she has this super electronic feel.. therefore I think she should be disappointing in real life/ live.. Much like Passion Pit – but not at all like Passion Pit. Because she sort of rocks it. (Ellie gets a video – because I can only find remixes of her business on Soundcloud..)

EMA// the Grey Ship
I’m kinda digging EMA – I don’t know whether it’s because she “reps” CA – and that makes you want to love, well from my stand point – because you know, I live in the Bay Area. Or whether its because she’s just sort of angry, and cool. Chicks with guitars, who are sort of angry – is so 90’s. And I love it. Just like I love couples who coordinate their clothing.. I mean – I love it because it is so offensive – not because it is actually OK – just because it’s like, really, you matched sweaters? And that is how I feel about the 90’s, I guess. I love it’s coming back – because frankly, I feel like the 90’s are more hideous than the 80’s..

Ebony Bones // W.A.R.R.I.O.R
I am sort of loving the clapping/ beat to this song – makes me feel like I have a purpose listening to it.. It’s fabulously driven, mass quantities of attitude. This chick is actually a bit of a trip also – semi out there – could be amazing to watch. But then again – could be a massive disappointment, because you expect something of the epic variety.. Still keen – feels like the army with a sound-off – not that I really know what that means, but I’ve seen the movies.. Much the same, right?

Eternal Summers // Pogo
Truly indie – that sort of airy fairy noise, but totally wonderful. This sort of music often makes me depressed – that is sort of negative, but it just makes me sit and think about things.. Which likely don’t need that much attention. Gah, emotions – sometimes I just wish you could be rid of them – the negative ones make my life so average.. Having said that – the lovely ones – do make me feel so bloody wonderful – I could hug and kiss you all – and god knows, I don’t love hugging and kissing many..

Want more from E – go get high at SXSW


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