Dropping the G on words = not ok.


I’ll tell you what I hate more than life itself – when people drop the G from words. Not to be a totally rigid bitch – but it’s not correct. Saying/ spelling words like:

  • Doin’
  • Sayin’
  • Havin’
  • Talkin’
  • Lovin’

….is just plain lazy, arsehole. There is a G there. Are you seriously that time poor that you cannot add the G..? And the worst is when people WRITE the n’ – writing ‘ takes about the same amount of time/ brain power as it would if you had just used a G. You don’t sound casual > it’s ridiculous.

I understand that sometimes I butcher the English lang by not spell checking or not proof reading. But that is mostly unintentional.. For those of you that do this clever n’ on purpose > you need to take a really long hard look in the mirror.

And realise – it is not sexy/ casual > it’s lazy/ casual, so cut it out.


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