Dose – Young and the Restless = heart missing a beat.


This is just so good – it makes my skin melt. For starters who DOESN’T love Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares to You”. Talk about the greatest love song of all time. I mean, I do understand that it is marginally creepy – if I received it from someone, I think I might be like “OK, psycho..” But STILL – talk about love – and songs. SHIT.

Just watching the video for Dose’s “The Young and the Restless”, makes my skin quiver a little. It’s been a while since my skin has quivered – so I’m not keen on saying no.

This is completely new to me, and I can’t seem to find much info. Well I did – but it was in French, and right now I’m sort of anti thinking and more just listening and writing down gibberish for someone to read.

Alors – what I suggest you do, is fan his facebook page, follow the tumblr, and friend the soundcloud.

And then you will never miss a BEAT.


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