Doldrums, you make my ears shoot out semi rainbows.


Can you tell I am getting more and more spastics as the days go by as to how I express how I “feel” about things..? I’m not much of a feelings person. I can be – and it really depends who I am dealing with, but mostly it makes me uncomfortable.

I think I might have got better at it, or else I just seem to be dealing with people recently who I want to “share” with. UGH – lame. Perhaps I’m like a full blown adult, maybe. Anyway – facts, dropping them.

Found this nug. from Doldrums on my Facebook News feed. Kind of like it for being a bit weird, and erratic. I must say, I do like music that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.

“I’m Homesick Sittin’ Up Here In My Satellite” – makes everything feel awkward, AND delicious – embrace.


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