Remember when we took The Disposable Camera Project to Dimensions Festival last year? Sure you do. It was full of dreamy pics of the last days of summer on one rather beautiful stretch of Croatian coastline at one of our standout festivals of 2013. We raved about it over here and here, and good news für alle – we had leftover shots that we’ve thrown together below.

It will probably make you want to book the next direct flight to this Eastern European paradise, which isn’t such a bad idea considering we’re giving away FREE DIMENSIONS TICKETS via the site. Miss that news? Hit the original post over here.

To give you a bit of a back-story – in the Spring of 2012, Lucy set off on a 2’ish month long road trip with a person she didn’t really know. Traveling the girth of America they had 35 disposable cameras on hand. When they finished up? They had 11 left over. Lucy has given these cameras out to people she likes/ loves/ adores – for them to use/ send back and for her to develop/ put on the blog.

Below are a selection of photos taken at Dimensions Festival 2013. The locations range from the main festival site at Fort Punta Christo – yes, Dimensions is in a fort, we repeat, A FORT – to the Adriatic Sea (which played host to incredibly vibey boat parties) and a couple of resorts in Pula (a super cute, small-ish town on the coast in northern Croatia). The end of summer days were hot and sunny, the water was dreamy and the sunsets devastatingly good looking.

So say Zdravo to the return of our most visually pleasing section on the site with – The Disposable Camera Project: Dimensions Festival Part 2.

Did somebody say, sunset boat party?



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