Disco Lykke, turn it up and LET GO!


Lykke Li is so major – I had to make a gif for the occasion. This song makes me feel all sorts of disco, I just want for this swollen tonsil of mine to piss off – so I can get my disco sticks and party. Ok – so I don’t own disco sticks.. I mean – I don’t even have furry pants – which I think is an issue when you want to disco.

Few points on this – I don’t think this song is much disco as it is just EPIC, and I actually don’t mean I want to disco like desert party disco – I just want to beverage and get party sweaty  in a room with shitty ventilation and the possibility of a cheeky pash in a dark corner.

Have a listen and just fall into the abyss that is Lykke (supported by Dave Sitek – props)


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