Disco get down vibes = Ecstasy


ecstasyThis all feels a bit 90’s? Or do I have my years mixed up a bit. I’m not the best at describing era’s (unless they are really obvious) because I didn’t grow up with music. Well that’s a lie, I grew up with classical music, jazz and music from musicals.. Yeah, it’s not that you weren’t cool family.. but you weren’t very cool, at all.

I can get around Ecstasy’s latest track Exhale, for some reason it makes me feel completely hopeful. That isn’t an unusual feeling for me – this week has been good. My holidays were good. 2013 is going to be good – do you hear me, I’m fucking positive.

To quote their Soundcloud page, they’re making “dreamy synth pop”, and with that statement alone I can see why the internet is getting around this team out of London. It’s hard not to if like the disco, especially this type of disco.

Let it move you.



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