Diplo – make it stop. I just want summer, NOW


So – I still have a headache – but I just found this song over at Pitchfork, and it has bought back mad memories of the summer just been.

There is something just so fucking magical about hot weather. Everyone is better looking with hot weather. Well at least in Australia, where it actually gets hot (SF take note), everyone loses some weight, gets a tan – so even if they don’t lose weight, they look like they have. You drink at 4 in the afternoon – it’s fabulously hot, you dance on bench seats in the streets – you wear dresses out at night, you don’t go home to get changed into something more party appropriate – because its SUMMER – and anything is party appropriate.

Anyway – I love Sleigh Bells – I have missed them twice in SF, once because I didn’t head to a festival that they were playing at, and the second time because I didn’t realise they were opening for a concert I had tickets to and missed them by like 3 mins. I believe they will be at Coachella – the line up is so grand, I find it hard to keep up.. But I am excited.

So this remix, it makes me feel like summer – and this could be because Coachella is coming into the mix – it could be because it is transporting me back to summer last year – where it was on high volume rotation, it could just be that the weather is fabulous at the moment and I am just salivating for loose living and strategically placed outerwear… KIDDING (sort of). It could just be that its hot in the motherland AND it is Australia Day – those things combined, makes me experience mass quantities of homesickness/ manic.

Oh Australia, I miss you – and your fabulous summer styling.. Winter, not so much.


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