Dinner this Friday? Don’t mind if I do.


Dinner DANWatching this Dinner’s video for Girl I some how feel like I’m within a very personal moment I perhaps shouldn’t be witnessing. I don’t know whether it is the terrible wig on the pianist (sorry if that’s not a wig, your hair is insane), the distinctly Californian Mexican vibe the non-Mexican guitarist is putting off or the voyeuristic moments in mirrors scattered throughout the song with old mate himself – but I feel awkward.

I’m hoping that is how this is supposed to make me feel – because otherwise I don’t get itttt!

Dinner is an act outta Denmark and this Friday they’re doing the release thing at Our/ Berlin Vodka. There are a few reasons we should all be going:

  1. It’s free, with an email for guest list.
  2. There is free vodka from 9 until when Dinner starts.
  3. no fear of pop is DJ’ing.
  4. Dinner are playing (mentioned above) – and one can witness if this video is in fact real life, or some wonderful act
  5. Again, there is free vodka.

To get yourself on the guest list, all you have to do is email guestlist@nbnberlin.de with your name, and DONE. I’m going to be there, Bron’s going to be there, the Ponies will be there too. You should head to the Facebook event page hit join and come along, have a drink – mingle.

Would be rude not to.



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