Heya, do you know Junior and Barry Price? That’s probably an “AYE!” if you’re straight outta Glasgow and have a penchant for partying in your veins. For those less in the know, these two characters are the ones behind Sensu, monthly(ish) parties most regularly found at Glaswegian institution Sub Club. Beyond ‘Subby’, they’ve taken Sensu to some pretty creative haunts (Marc Houle in a Japanese restaurant, anyone?) and this week they’ll be bringing their crew to Pula for what should be one hell of a hand raising boat party.

When they’re not busy organising one of Glasgow’s most popular parties, you’ll probably find Junior and Barry doing the DJ thang, building up the new label arm of Sensu (their first release comes from local Affi Koman) or kicking around Sub Club, quite possibly at a Subculture night causing a ruckus on the dfloor.

To set the scene – this September, Lucy vs. the Globe’s disco factor (that’s your mate, Bron), is Croatia bound for a final summer fling of sun, beach, boats and sweet beats at the wonderful Dimensions Festival. With a lengthy and delicious line-up, we have asked a handful of participating playas to help us break it down and get us their top 5 artists heading to the festival this year.

So – let’s get on with it. Throw a Zdravo at Junior and Barry! This is the second installment of Our Top Dimensions Playas Top 5.

Play on.


It might seem unfair to put both of these DJ/producers in the same choice. But for us they are both “buy on sight” every time they release music. Both are included in our top 5 producers of all time. That’s how good they are to us. Add to the fact they are damn fine music selectors too.


Move D went from a DJ’s DJ to a DJ that everyone loves. His track selection is second to none, playing a collection of the best of old and new house programmed just as you would expect from someone that has been in the industry (and at such a high level) for such a long time. Comfortable shoes will be looked out for when he is spinning as you know you serious dancing will be taking place.


David is a very good friend of ours. We have had the pleasure of playing with him both at our home in Glasgow and for him as part of the parties he organises in Leeds. David is one of the best contacts we have made over the years. That aside, he understands the art of warm up as if he was born in Glasgow ;). We will without doubt be down the front when Dave plays and lying down discussing world peace when he finishes.


Awesome music. Awesome live set. If he is playing at any point when the sun is coming up or going down we may just cry. Goose pimple music at its best. Proper.


Last and most definitely by no means least. We are delighted to have them headline our boat party. It’s refreshing to see young DJs champion their love of vinyl and the music industry as a whole whilst playing quality music well. It shows how much they enjoy what they do and it’s infectious.

Get all over Junior & Barry at Dimensions: 

On site (and sea) in Croatia, catch the boys onboard their Sensu Boat Party on Saturday. Joined by Bicep, they’ve nabbed the pretty epic departure time of 20:00 – helllllooo killer sunset vibes.  You’ll also be able to find the duo in The Dungeon the night before from 01:00 – 03:00.



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