DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL ’14: John Wizards Interview


If you’re a fan of summery jams and pop with an African flavour there’s a good chance you’re already all over John Wizards. Yet to be wrapped up in their charm, or need a refresher? Here’s what we know:

  1. John Wizards is the brainchild of South African John Withers, with the rest of the posse being made up of singer Emmanuel Nzaramba and band members Raphael, Jefurī Burinku, Tom and Alex.
  2. The band’s coming together is a pretty magical one: we’re told John met Emmanuel – a Rwandan refuge – at a coffee shop in Cape Town. After making friends and venturing into the musical side of things, Emmanuel left his job at the coffee shop and the two two lost touch, only find in 2012 they lived on the same street and more or less picked up where they left off. THAT-SHIT-IS-FATE.
  3. They released one pretty beautiful self-titled album last year, which got loads of praise (deservedly) – treat your own ears, over here.
  4. The team have been touring pretty heavily this summer, and you WILL catch them at Dimensions Festival – which we will be at (we – in the royal sense, meaning Bron)

For me personally – these guys are the perfect summer vibes. Shit is slow, and dreamy but then when you least expect it everything seems to roll on into all those shoulder shimmy’ing Shangan Electro movements. It’s unexpected and global in a way I feel like everyone should be able to appreciate – and ISN’T THAT SOMETHING !

To set the scene – we’re off to Pula, Croatia to see out the last days of summer at Dimensions Festival. This 5 day affair of boat and beach parties by day, and parting in an abandoned fort at night kicks off this Wednesday (!) and will be chock full of the vibiest of feelings – such as John Wizards.

We managed to get 5 questions over to the great man; talking about life, love, and a 100 duck sized horses.


Q. You’ve been at a heap of festivals this season, what’s your hot tip for summer festival survival? Not water/ sunscreen or sunnies – if people aren’t already bringing these, they aren’t worthy of a hot tip.
A. A portable pool, to keep you cool.

Q. In a) five words or less OR b) a gif, what can we expect from your set at Dimensions? – whichever tickles you most, we would never say no to a clever explanatory .gif
A. ChillyAllAnole

Q. It’s 1995 – what record are you playing?
A. The Offspring- Smash

Q. What’s you musical guilty pleasure? Currently, mine is Whitney Houston “Step by Step” and “It’s not Alright but it’s OK” pretty specific, I’m aware.
A. Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie’s

Q. Our essential Lucy vs. the Globe question: Would you prefer to battle 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? – Discuss
A. 100 duck sized horses. It would just turn into a recreation of Patti Smith’s song Horses.

Q. Tell us something you deem relevant.
A. This will be the first time that I’ve come to Croatia, and the last swim I have before I go home. (…don’t go home, come to Berlin. I have a fold out – Lucy)




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