Diamond Rings, is this girls best friend BIS X


So I know I have been pretty pathetic in the posting department – and I’m sorry for that.. My life has been really busy (read fun) lately.. And when shit is good, I tend to neglect the BLOGG. I apologize for that, not that there are many of you – but I would say there are enough that I feel responsible.

Therefor, I have made the decision to be openly better at this.. I don’t know how I am going to ensure this happens when I am just having so much god damn fun I don’t want to post about music and all things ridonkulous. But sometimes I think that if you verbalize this shit, it happens. Not the case with exercise, funnily enough – but seems to work with everything else.

Now – Diamond Rings remix of Miracle Fortress – Raw Spectacle, is making my knees weak.. And I am sitting down – kind of major.. The OG version is sort of slow, and totally beautiful. But this is just so fabulously dancy – it makes me want to get the fuck off this computer and leave you all for dead for a Texan oil heir (more about that later)..

Hit play, and get gold digging.


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