Denmark – you’re delicious. Was there ever a doubt?


This nugget was posted to my Facebook wall today (thanks Kim!) – (SIDENOTE: if you aren’t a fan – fan Lucy vs. the Globe on the Face. ORDERS!) – Anyway – all the stuff I have posted today is kind of slow and melty, and I’m sorry about that. I mean there is nothing more that I want than something with a little movement. I have been feeling pretty EMO recently and when that happens I don’t really like to listen to soft, emotional music. I much prefer some Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, or Gang Gang Dance.

It sort of brings me out of my funk, and gets me back on track – to be less EMO. Frankly, EMO doesn’t suit me. I am a smiler, so anything that makes my mascara run, and my face pull into a frown – is NOT OK.

Anyway – this track by When the Saints Go Machine is sort of this wonderful mixture of both emotional shit – AND boppy business. It makes me completely elated, yet doesn’t make me feel too far from natural (Thank you Denmark, where these wonders hail from – is it really that much of a shock.. Gifted Scandi’s). I hate when people describe things as vivid and emotive – but that is what this is > LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN.

I’m sorry – I just graduated to “Arsehole” in blogger status┬á(because I used the word vivid, paired with emotive – fucking arsehole)


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