Delphic, Chris and my iPhone were in a bar..


Alright – so I know it’s old sauce and all – but I’m still loving Delphic SICK.. Had semi forgotten how ridiculously delish-us they were until this morning and it came on the iPhone.. this is how it went down..

My brain: wow – this is great, bet this is from one of those indie monthly 100’s I downloaded like a fool
iPhone: why don’t you look at my screen you jerk, and you wont have to guess what the fuck I’m playing (n00b)
MB: hey fuck you mate I quit smoking to get you, be fucking grateful..
{I check my iPhone}
MB: ahh, delphic. right on.

Anyway – then I realised I was supposed to go to their concert last week at popscene (which I hate, with all the underages etc.) because my dear friend CHRIS works for some sassy sass pants music company – he got me tickets… but me being the arsehole I am, developed the female version of man flu and COULDN’T GO. So then I became v. sad this morning – when I revisited the beauty that is Delphic – to remember that story.. AND what a story it is…(!) – not even sure it’s worthy of this BLOGG – regardless of how amateur I am..

Delphic // Counterpoint


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