DEDICATION: Jamie xx is playing the Fader Fort


As we all know – Jamie xx makes me weak at the knees. Unfortunately my mates and I play this game, it is much like shotgun for the front seat of the car – but with boys.. And my mate Emma – although unknowingly, has pretty much shotgunned Jamie. She hasn’t said “shotgun” but I think I’m going to give her this one.

I have a whole list of shotguns – just so you are all aware. I will list them out one day, but how it really works is if I see someone I like – on the tele, in person, in a magazine, or if I just think about them -you can say shotgun. And if your mates meet said shotgun, and the shotgun is like “Oh girl I wanna take you home and shit” your mates have to say “Hey ok, I get it, I am one hot piece. But my mate shotgunned you – so I need to honor that.. You are welcome to buy me a drink tho.”

Pretty simple laws of shotgun – has only happened to me once, and it wasn’t a serious – in the sense that, my mates shotgun didn’t actually wanted to have his way with me. Regardless, before I glamored him – I did tell him that my mate had in fact shotgunned him, and this chemistry that he would inevitably feel, would need to be quashed.

How this went from Jamie xx playing at the Fader Fort by FIAT in Austin to my games of shotgun, I don’t know.

But observe social standings, always – and enjoy Jamie xx


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