Dear MS MR – I love you.


MS MR are here, tomorrow. So, like – today, because most of you seem to check this shit at work – naughty naughty. For the longest time I have loved all those MS MR vibes but I didn’t quite realise how much until I saw them live in September over my birthday weekend – and I literally fell in love.

You know when you can’t quite put into words as to why you love someone so much, it’s just a feeling you get. Like – they genuinely make you smile from the INSIDE. Things that are otherwise embarrassing seem funny. Everything that person does – is fucking wonderful, punkt.

Vibing that? Well, then enter on in MS MR. Here are the reasons they are a band crush – and you should probably love them as much as I do:

  1. Homeboys and girls light up the stage like it’s nobodies business.
  2. Femmes voice is as rich in real life, as it is recorded.
  3. Girlfriends has the most radical hair, I have ever seen
  4. They (collectively) look good. I know this last point is about as superficial as it comes, but there is nothing worse than having to endure a concert for 40’ish minutes, looking at a not-so-hot mess on stage.
  5. They have a downloadable playlist on their SoundCloud that makes me all sorts of jazzed, almost daily.
  6. MS has a banging real-person rig, like – a babe’n one…. Not the lumpy Salt n’ Pepa circa ’93 vibes; mind you I do love the Salt n’ Pepa circa 93′ vibes.
  7. Team is what Beyonce is to me, but the Indie version. And if you have been following – we all know about me and the Queen.

Short and sharp details – so there are no excuses for your absense:
VENUE: PRINCE CHARLES (Prinzenstraße 85 – at Moritzplatz U-Bahn)
DOORS: 21:00 (that’s 9P all you non-Germs out there, and this is a guess – semi-confirmed by Ballet School)

Sie sind Berliner? I’ll see you there X



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