Dear Beyonce, I want to be you.


Dear Beyonce,
I have just spent the better half of my day watching your latest video album, and I’m dying.

If I were a dude, I think would struggle to concentrate on anything, at all, right now slash for the rest of my life. I don’t know if this was your intention, to make grown men across the world bow down – but it’s working. The internet has official shut down to anything that isn’t the Queen, and I’m full of so much joy. This is probably the saddest thing but from every human out there – thank you.

The greatest things I have taken away from your 14 song, 17 video gift is the following. There probably are more but I wouldn’t want to give you too much of a big head.

WHEN I PUT MYSELF OUT THERE, APPRECIATE IT: For every femme who has made dinner half naked with no one to appreciate it, I applaud you. I haven’t actually ever done this – let’s be fair, but I feel like I’ve put myself out there similarly, for it not to be appreciated. And you wanna know something? Bey, you are RIGHT – no one should survive like this. Everyone should be appreciated, and this is something we forget.

FEMMES & HOMMES = SAME / SAME, NOT DIFFERENT: You preach equality in the way that I wish people would champion it, with equal amounts of awesome for everyone, all over the world. I’m so fucking tired of people complaining about their position/ struggles in the world because they are female and then calling this feminism. This isn’t feminism, you are.

BABES ARE INTERNAL: You remind us that a pretty exterior is worthless, unless your insides match. Amen, girlfriend. I am currently crippled by interior angst and no amounts of my natural sass/ charm is shaking it off. Although I do find it slightly contradictory that for the majority of these videos you are wearing nothing more than cut off’s and proclaiming all this inner self approval, I still love you.

LIFE, IT’S HAPPENING – INVOLVE YOURSELF: Let’s get carried away – please. Everyone in the entire world, CAN-WE-PLEASE-GET CARRIED AWAY. I’m exhausted. When did everyone get so scared? Stop making a big deal outta the little things? Much yes. I’m literally out of breath thinking about this. Why is this a conversation?

Beyonce, I love you lights out. I’m empowered, liberated, elated. You’re a delicious creature that the entire world should aspire to. This isn’t even subjective – it is the most factual, spot on thing I have ever thought in my life.

You complete the globe, and the globe thanks you.


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