Dear American Shipping companies, I hate you. Best regards, Lucy


So – I went on a bit of a shopping spree this last week – online. And this is fun, for so many reasons – things are cheaper online, you semi forget you bought something – and then it turns up in the post, and it’s like – YESSS, gifts.

But the problem with this is, when you actually need something, by a certain date – and you leave American shipping to chance, the chance it will get here on time – is slim to none..

I bought some boots – which I wanted for Thanksgiving.. just looked at the shipping – arriving the Monday after the weekend.. I’m inclined to send them back.. I mean fuck – they are coming from Louisville Kentucky – that is really not that far. I mean, come on UPS – it is just over 1 day’s driving (Louisville to the office in SF – yeah, I google mapped it, arseholes).. it’s not like you are having one man bring me my boots – they are going from driver to driver.. you can get this shit done in 3 days, comfortably.

But you just want to make me wait – because you are a delivery service in the United States and you are all a bunch of arseholes like that.. Frankly – had I of known it would take over a week to ship – I would have done overnight shipping – I’m not a tightarse, I just think I must have higher expectations of you.

Way to drop the ball UPS. I thought I liked you more, over FedEx – but I think I might let my loyalties lie elsewhere.

Yeah – eat that.


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