OK – so Day One. SUCCESS! The day started right with TEXMEX at Maudies. Now – frankly I don’t know what this means as a Texan. But as an Australian, eating TexMex – was OK by me. Had a taco – a beer, 12P life is good. After our short and torturous plane ride from SF it was a well deserved meal.

Went into town – organised all my wristbands etc. which actually took forever – but now done, it makes my life that much easier. My mate Nance and I then walked (like WAAAAAALKED) over to see the Oh’s play on South Congress – and when we started our day – it was mild – like not that epic’ly hot – but once I had committed to stockings/ boots, it decides to unleash the fury, and sweat it up to a heated 30’C/ 90’F – LOVE, but dying in boots and stockings. So we shopped, and got some sandles, and Nancy organised a quick pair of shorts – AUSTIN READY

We are staying at this MAJOR house with a friend of Nancy’s – and at this house is a band call the Orbans, HILARIOUS. Like that nouveau hilarious, when you tell “what if..” stories. I think this is the POP-Hilarious, it’s like the current funny. Anyway, went to see them play – to find the singer sick as a dog, and vomiting. So, we missed that – and headed off to the Old 97’s.

Totally rocking – which I feel like is a new thing for me, to rock out to semi country bands. But the singer is a babe (with a wife and baby – so no go there Jasper) – and the music made me move. Not to mention the free beers, I was in heaven. Then as a surprise – we got to see Agnes Obel – fabulous. I am told by one of my O.G scandi followers that she is a Dane – self taught wonder. She was serene and really I should have known Danish – because she was lust worthy, for all the right reasons.

Blah blah blah – then we headed off to Hands – who I have blog loved before, I met them they are fans of Lucy – and anyone that is a fan of Lucy, is a friend of mine (obvs.) So after we caught G-Love at a church (which felt a bit naughty, listening to real music in a chapel) I went to meet the boys from Hands for a bevvy. Delicious kids, like just want to pop them in my pocket and carry them around with me always. We saw one of their mates play – and I currently cant remember their name, but they were MAJOR.. will do a dedi post to them later.

Then Nancy got tired, as we had only had like 3 hours of sleep – I met Natalie, from the Bang Pop. And everyone decided to go, home.. LAME – so off I went to meet the Texan and listen to Boyz Noise.

Ended up in the Texans house mates tracksuit pants, in the Texans bed – party-passed out. You know when you fall asleep, and you don’t move the whole night, you sleep in one position and stay that way – that was me. And I call that party-passed out.

Things that I achieved: met internet friends, shotted Jager with rockstars, snuck into VIP/ badge only event, AND – I didn’t get a song dedicated to me by a DJ, but I did get a DJ to charge my iPhone..

I feel like that is almost the same..?


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