Fill up your disposable flasks and dust off your party jacket – festival season is incoming and we’re more than a little bit excited. As has become a Lucy vs. the Globe tradition, we’ve sat down to pull together our top picks of the Euro summer and send them your way via two, hopefully somewhat readable posts, with a focus on festivals that tick all of our boxes: shit hot musical curation, some form of travel / special experiential lure, a crowd you want to be around, the obvious – incredible vibes – and (at the time of posting) still with tickets available.

So… doing our best to avoid sound like a pair of Basic Bitches, we give you Das Festival Guide 2015: Part 1. Get around it, and hopefully you can join us for a dance in the sun at many or at least one.

Festival kisses! X




Kicking us off with festival season in Europe is SPOT Festival. Located in the mostly University town Aarhus this is an interesting one to get around for a variety of reasons. To start us off, it’s a mostly Nordic only event – HALLLOOOOO Babe’mark. That’s right, we are looking at you: Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark… Have I missed any?

All coming together in the sleepy city of Aarhus to reign havoc and discover all that emerging talent out of the great north. This year we are getting tips from a couple of German heavy-weights. So far we’ve been tipped off to Yung, Aurora, Sekuioa, Asbjørn and tons more – but there is still so much to come.. STAY TUNED.

We going to be watching live, independent, Scandinavian pop flavours whilst seated in an amphitheater type setting – and that my friends is pretty magical – and it’s exactly the vibe Spot is throwing out there.. all within walking distance.

ESSENTIAL: There are tonnes of essentials for Aarhus – a jumper, because it’s not that warm. Money, because Denmark is intensely expensive. But my main essential – alcohol from across the boarder. Drinks are a necessary evil – and as mentioned, Denmark is expensive. BYO Wodka.


Photo c/o: PonyDanceClyde

HER DAMIT – Rügen, GERMANY | 5 – 7 MAY

Unfolding right up the top of Deutschland on an island in the Ostsee (uh ha – actual sea!), Her Damit isone of our picks of the DE calendar this year for it’s combination of prime house and techno, unique setting, affordability, timing, Deutsch-ness and the essential, VIBES. Running from Fri eve until sometime on Sund, this totally schön affair takes place at the ‘beach resort’ of Prora, Rügen – a gigantic complex originally designed as a 20,000 bed resort during the Third Reich, which never opened, went on to be used as a post-war base for the Soviet Army, then laid abandoned for years.

After part-restoration, Her Damit will be taking over the in-and-outside of this colossal structure and it’s surrounding beach, dunes and forest – for a weekend of dancing, adventure, chilling, swimming (maybe), epic sunrises over the sea and SO MUCH FRESH AIR. Musically things are about as far up Bron’s strasse as things get, with Levon Vincent, Rødhåd, Roman Flügel, Marcel Fengler, tINI, Mike HuckabyItaloJohnson, Oliver DeutschmannMoominOskar Offermann & Edward, Alex.Do, Dario ZenkerThe Analogue Cops, Job JobseDan ShakeChristian Löffler, Henning Baer, FJAAK, + so many more. And as mentioned – shit’s totally affordable, with a 3 day ticket + camping only setting you back € 86.00.

ESSENTIAL: A rain coat. Bla bla festival rain bla bla. BUT REALLY. It’s Germany Leute, and while we’ll very likely be bathed in Ostsee sun (see exhibit A below), it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for alles. PLUS: use this bad boy as a blanket for sitting on the sand and watching the sun come up. Schön ideas – got them. 


PRIMAVERA SOUND – Barcelona, SPAIN | 28 – 30 MAY (Lucy)

There are a few very good questions you need to ask yourself in order to suss out if you are going to like Primavera. Do you like….

  • Music?
  • Sunshine?
  • Lots of small meals (AKA tapas)?
  • Booze with fruit in it (AKA Sangria)?

If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions, Primavera is for you. We are talking Barcelona at the beginning of summer with enough varying music to poke a stick. In 2015 we are looking at music from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Chet Faker, Sylvan Esso, Twin Shadow, Kelela, José Gonzalez, Caribou, Tori Amos and so many more that are just as weird/ wonderful.

ESSENTIALS: SUNBLOCK ! (and a bathing suit). This is the first glimpse of real sunshine you will probably be seeing if you are Germany, England or really most of Europe that’s not Spain, Portugal or the South of France.


Seems we are mixing it up this year and finding Berlin Festival a little bit earlier in the festival calendar. To be frank, I think this does lots of good things for the line up taking advantage of Summer touring schedules. It also does a lot for my festival format enthusiasm, because come September – I’m exhausted.

If you are contemplating the dipping your toes in, you’re in for a whole lot good times.

ESSENTIALS: The essential for us is a bike, one of the coolest things about the festival is the fact it’s in our backyard. But also – there is probably going to be a whole lot of sunglasses wearing at night – if you hate that as much as I do emotionally prepare yourself.


Honourable Mentions:

SOUTHPORT WEEKENDER – Southport, UK | 8 – 10 MAY
LIFE FESTIVAL – Mullingar, IRELAND | 29 – 31 MAY


FIELD DAY – London, UK | 6 – 7 June

Our pick of the London-based festival calendar, Field Day has long been a favourite and this year returns to Victoria Park for another two-day affair of perfectly curated early summer vibes. Known for a mix of prime indie acts and the best of the underground electronic music world, thanks to a high calibre of artist selection this one also tends to draw a pretty wunderschön crowd. You shouldn’t feel too old attending this one past your early 20s. This year’s line-up has us giddy from A to B, with highlights including Caribou, FKA Twigs, Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettmann, Ride, Patti Smith & her band, Mac DeMarco, Nina Kraviz, Daniel Avery b2b Andrew Weatherall, Todd Terje and The Olsens (live) band, Clark, Future Brown, John Talabot, Kindness, and so so many more. DON’T PANIC.

The Resident Advisor stage on Saturday as a whole also deserves a special mention, with a pretty bonkers bill of Run The Jewels (live), Hudson Mohawke (live), Floating Points, Madlib SOPHIE (live), Awesome Tapes From AfricaShanti Celeste and more. You’ll find Bron here, a lot of the day. Tickets are available per day or for the whole weekend. Check out their website for the breakdown of acts per day.

ESSENTIAL: The classic pre-festival boozey brunch. It’s a day festival, you’re in a city with full access to a plethora of decent supermarkets (and wanky corner stores), a fridge, stove top and if you’re lucky, a balcony. Maximise this beautiful weekend and kick things off in the fitting fashion. We leans towards mimosas and serano-laden toasted sandwiches. Fuckkkkk yes. 



The highlight of the summer time in Scandinavia (slash Europe – let’s be honest here) is the longest day of the year – Midsommar. It’s when you get together with your Nordic friends, listen to dreamy Viking’esque music, make flowery head pieces, dance around a pole in a non-slutty fashion and generally bask in the sunlight – because I guess it’s not that much of thing in the Northern parts of the world?

If you are in Berlin – you can celebrate this one with the femmes over at Nordic by Nature, and all their mates at the Urban Spree, for free – RHYMING ! (but you need to RSVP – important; do that via the facebook event page.) At this stage they have only confirmed 2 acts being: Ra and Stockhaus. But you can be sure – if you are in or around the fair city that is Berlin on the 19th of June, this one is for you.

ESSENTIALS: Flowers in your hair. But get there early/ on time – they tend to run out.


Honourable Mentions:

FOUND: BORN & BRED – London, UK | 7 June
GOTTWOOD FESTIVAL – Anglesey, WALES | 11 – 14 June
SONAR – Barcelona, SPAIN | 18 – 20 June
MEADOWS IN THE MOUNTAINS Smolian, Bulgaria | 12 – 14 June
FUSION FESTIVAL – Lärz, Germany | 25 – 28 June



We’re more than spoilt for choice when it comes to dreamy Croatian festivals, however in a crowded calendar up the top of that list for location / musical curation / crowd / the summeriest of feel-good vibes, sits the one that kickstarted the whole thang, The Garden Festival, who this July will be celebrating their 1oth and final year.

The lure of this week-long dance in paradise is the ‘choose your own adventure’ vibe – with boat parties by day, beach-side action by night and early AM after parties at the much-loved Barbarella’s Discotheque that roll onto the next day. Spread out over 7 days, there’s no rush to do everything at once – and checking out the surrounding town and Dalmatian coastline is a highly recommended part of your stay.

As always, their line-up is totally on-point, with this final edition playing host to Ben UFOBonobo, Talaboman (and John Talabot & Axel Boman solo), Gerd JansonGreg Wilson,  JackmasterJoy OrbisonMidlandTim SweeneySeth Troxler,  Crazy P(live), Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area), DJ HarveyEats EverythingNightmares on Wax(live), Optimo and so many more. In short – the summeriest of summer feels and your last chance to check out one of the small festival circuit’s most-loved parties.

ESSENTIAL: Some time out. If seasons of Croatian summer festivals has taught us anything, it’s that while it can be a laugh to run on empty in the sun for 7 days, the moment you stop/return to reality  things are going to hurt (beyond the standard post-festival sads. 3-week long chest infection anyone?). Our tip? Make the most of this incredible Adriatic gem and amongst all the misadventure RELAX. Seafood – feast on it. Beaches – bake bake bake. Sleep – oh hej du. 


Photo c/o: Kris Cowley, Here and Now

MELT – Ferropolis, GERMANY | 17-19 July

I’m excited for Melt. I think I might always be excited. The last two years have been this romantic haze of summer vibes and friends. With music to please all tastes buds and a timetable that can take you from 2P – 12P the following day without much trouble – it’s always a weekend of mass debauchery and vibes.

The only thing about Melt, which I seem to fixate on each year is the weather. It’s camping. So: if it rains – it’s miserable / if it’s too hot – (I’m in heaven) it’s miserable. You some how got to let go of all your hang ups and go with it – or else you will probably have the worst time of your life.

The line up is one again an assortment of music for everyone with for Audion, Cakes da Killa, Clark, Culoe de Song, Jon Hopkins, Giorgio Mododer, Nils Frahm, The Bug and the Sleepless Floor as a whole for Bron and your casual Jamie XX, Nozinja, Sizarr and so many more but I’m super bored of listing this shit off.

ESSENTIALS: A raincoat for the possible downpour, a sunshade for the 30’C and sunny you may or may not encounter, and tons of water. The drinking-water situation at Melt is a legitimate joke – ain’t nobody got time for that.

Melt-festival 2014

Honourable Mentions:


(**July 20 onwards will be included in Das Festival Guide – Part 2)


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