DANÉE VS. FOOD: Where to Eat & Drink Around Görlitzer Park


One of life’s greatest pleasures is coasting through Berlin on your bike. Especially on a warm, summery day. Then finding a nice park to roll out the picnic blanket, crack open a few beers, and dig into some Turkish bread and hummus. It’s glorious.

One of our favourite parks in Berlin is Görlitzer Park. It is undeniably one of the most unique. Tight-rope walkers balancing on elastic ropes tied between two tree trunks. A petting farm for the kids. People dealing drugs. Then there’s the moments when the frisbee pros collide the Start-Up BBQ meet-up group with terrifying results. And the couples humping in the bushes and think no one is watching. Any way you look at it, Görlitzer Park is full of character, and characters.

But there is some advice we’d like to share with you. There ain’t no real place to get a feed. Here are our top spots, on the north and south sides of the park, to get some delicious food and drink.

 Los geht’s !


Glogauerstr 6 | MAP

We all know coffee and cake make a great combination, especially when it’s the Greek kind. The ladies behind Bitte! have an awesome selection of Greek, and vegan sweets, plus a flat white to boot. A nice spot to grab some shade and a caffeine hit.

Weinerstr 31 | MAP

The burger game in this city is intense. Lucky you, we’ve consumed the calories to find the best. Piri’s burgers succeeds in this ridiculously competitive market for two reasons: first, their meat to sauce to bun to everything ratio is well balanced, and second, they use chicken. Beef burgers are available if you’re a burger purist but seriously, take our word for it and step outside the norm. Get a chicken burger in ya.


Reichenbergerstr 122 | MAP

Want to have breakfast, brunch or lunch before you head to the park? Bastard is your destination. The breakfast menu is full of your favourites: eggs, cold meats, cheese etc but there’s always a delicious twist to each dish. The lunch menu changes on a weekly basis and features 5-6 cleverly thought-out and prepared dishes packed full of seasonal ingredients. Keep an eye out for the pasta special, it’s always a winner.

Reichenbergerstr 103 | MAP

You know what could make cocktails better? That could ingrain them in to our drinking-culture even further? Nothing, silly. Cocktails are already the best, and Bellman knows how to shake ’em. Cozy, friendly and always busy, Bellman is a great place to perfect your drinking skills after a day of practising them in the park.

Geldautomat (Automatic Teller Machine)**
Weinerstr 22 | MAP

**Your closest Geldautomat to retrieve the monzies?


Flanckensteinstr 8 | MAP

The beef pie, right now, is vacillating between the number one and number two spot of the best pie I’ve had in my life. Being an Aussie, I know how to pick a good one. I love this place because it has a super cute name, and the boys hand make the pies everyday. They’ll also throw a salad or mashed potato on the side too, if you wish.

Wrangelstr 24 | MAP

You know what I like about this place?The fact that I can walk up to the bar and have no clue what to order. And I don’t even have to remember the names of the cocktails I like, because I can say a few of my favourite flavours to the bar-person and they’ll create a drink. This bar has no menu so every drink is one-of-a-kind. How cool is that?!

Flanckensteinstr 7 | MAP

If the rumours are true, and heaven is made of ice-cream and waffles then Aldemir is what it looks like. Aldemir Eis is a wet dream for any sweet tooth. There’s a flavour for every letter of the alphabet and combinations of ice-cream/waffles/cream/nuts/sauces to match any mood. Even if you think you can resist it, the sugared-scent of waffle dough frying will find you.

ice-cream-ALDEMIR EIS

Görlitzerstr 38 | MAP

Görli can get super busy but luckily there’s a lovely escape just outside the park. Gipfeltreffen is a café filled with cozy vintage furniture and a menu that ticks all the boxes from healthy to comforting dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also make a nice coffee and ample seating inside and out.

Skalitzerstr 60 | MAP

How you like your tacos, bruh? Vegan, vegetarian? Then you’re in for a treat. Ta ‘Cabrón Taqueria offers a hearty Mexican feed sans blood and bones, and it’s a short walk from the playground (although you can also get a meat option – this one isn’t strictly vego). Keep the party vibes rollin’ with Margaritas, tacos and the friendly staff.

Görlitzer Straße 1 | MAP

NEVER FORGET HÜHNERHAUS !.. Although you probably wouldn’t dare, it’s almost as weaved into the rich tapestry of Göli as the  drug dealers. If you don’t know it already, Hühnerhaus is a rotisserie chicken-shop-hole-in-the-wall type situation; no fuss, no frills – just some outdoor seating and bloody good chicken. To be fair, a perfect night for Lucy is a good bottle of wine, Hühnerhaus with mates and a handful of bars shortly there after, all within biking distance. For 5€ or less, there is literally nothing wrong with that.

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Images thanks to: Music is 4 Lovers, @lucyvstheglobe InstagramAldemir Eis & Cafe’s foursquare



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