DANÉE VS. FOOD: Top Five New Healthy Restaurants & Cafés


Sometimes eating healthy food sucks! When you eat a salad than 17 minutes later you’re starving. Or when you and your work mates go out for pasta at lunchtime and you order the only salad on the menu, then all you can think about is pasta for the rest of the day so you make it for dinner and eat three bowls. Yup, know it. 

Well, these places are different.

NEW DELI YOGA | Falckensteinstr 37, Kreuzberg
New Deli Yoga offers all the obvious healthy stuff like juices and salads, but then you see pasta and sandwich on the menu and you’re like: WHAT!? You see Maria, the owner, chef and resident yoga instructor, makes healthier, wholesome versions of everything you love. Sandwiches with tofu, zucchini noodle carbonara, vegan french toast. Plus vegan, gf, and lactose free desserts too. New Deli Yoga, has recently reinvented itself, all for the better we thinks.

New Deli Yoga

DOTTIR | Mittelstr 40/41, Mitte
Mitte isn’t exactly struggling for good places to eat. But the struggle is more, which good place to eat at. That decision just got  harder with the arrival of Dottir. Icelandic for daughter, Dottir, is a brother sister collaboration focussing on seasonal vegetables, fresh meats and unique nordic herbs and moss. Each dish is so beautifully presented you almost hesitate putting your knife and fork in to it.


THE BOWL | Warshauerstr 33, Friedrichshain
The former room of the vegan restaurant, MioMatto has been reincarnated into Berlin’s first vegan, 100% certified organic, gluten free, clean eating restaurant. Here, the chefs say a big N O to additives, artificial flavours and all the nasties hidden in food. The healthiest place on earth? May be. The selection of dishes range from AM to PM, and are all served in bowls.


ORGANIC GLAMOUR FOOD BAR | Veteranenstr 16, Mitte
If you surpass the offensive name, this place is worth a visit. Something between a fancy restaurant, cross Subway toppings selection bar but healthy, cross a bar. At first it’s weird but the results are amazing, delicious and nutritious.

The Store

THE STORE | Torstr 1, Mitte
Not only a hotel, bar and restaurant, Soho House is now home to a wonderful café, luxury fashion and homewares store all rolled in to one, and done beautifully. The Store’s Kitchen menu created by Bite Club’s main man, Tommy Tannock, is a winner. You’ll find all sorts of rustic, regional and heavenly tastes including cold pressed juices, salads, and soups. I had the lentil, roast veggie and leafy green salad = a whole lotta yes!

Images thanks to New Deli Yoga, Dottir, The Bowl, Organic Glamour Food Bar, and Roto218.

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