DANÉE VS. FOOD: Top 5 Places to have Brunch in Berlin


I love nothing more than crawling out of bed on a Sunday afternoon to eat a shitload of eggs and bacon. The worst part? When the bacon and eggs you order taste like shit making you feel even worse. Having an unsatisfying start to your day is the pits and it’s highly likely you will, unintentionally, make a few brunching mistakes in Berlin. We’ve done the rounds, made the bloopers for you, and have shortlisted our shortlist of favourite brunch cafes for you.

1. LE BON | Boppstr. 1, 10967 Kreuzberg
You know when you find something so good, you don’t want to risk loosing it by telling everyone. But your ego can’t help it so you do. But you know it’s for the better. So it is with great reluctance and a lot of goodwill that I tell you about Le Bon. Thing is, someone told me about this cafe on Twitter so everyone knows now anyway. Located on Boppstrasse (can’t help but think Hanson), Le Bon is the place to get your brunch fix. Their menu features dishes that tick the sweet, savoury and I-want-a-bit-of-both boxes. Standouts include the pulled pork breakfast burger, the brioche French toast and the eggs Benedict.


2. NALU DINER | Dunkerstr. 80A, 10437 Prenzlauer Berg
If you listen to your hungover brain on Sunday morning you will, without a doubt, be thinking that hash browns, pancakes, poached eggs and bacon all covered in maple syrup will cure your hurts…your brain is right. A dose of Nalu Diner and your engines will be back up and running in no time. This authentic American diner has all the big, bad breakfast goodness you can think of in a cool, diner-style setting. Free refills too.

3. HOUSE OF SMALL WONDER | Johannisstr. 20, 10117 Mitte
When you’re craving eggs but it’s almost lunch time so you want something substantial and finger-licking good, go to HoSW. When Japanese is all you feel like but you’ve eaten Berlin out of sushi and you feel like a twist on the old rice dish, go to HoSW. When you want to eat somewhere actually worth your tastebuds in Mitte, go to HoSW. As you can see, my friends, all roads lead to HoSW. We loved the chicken balls on rice, the Tex-Mex japanese-style taco, the macha latte, and the oh-so-friendly staff.


4. SILO | Gabriel-Maxstr. 4, 10245 Friedrichshain
I made a promise to the blog and my stomach that I would venture to Friedrichshain more often. Maybe, I lost my way and got distracted coz all I’ve got is Silo. #sorrynotsorry. Arguably the best café in the area, Silo serves up some of the best brews in town and a menu so good you’ll write home about it. Chunky toast topped with avocado with a side of tomato salsa (we recommend adding an egg to this), baked eggs, and homemade granola are solid choices. Got room for more? Try Silo’s dense banana bread.

5. DISTRIKT COFFEE | Bergstr. 68, 10115 Mitte
Located on a quiet street in Mitte, across the road from our favourite Redwood Cocktail Bar, Katz Orange and just a short walk from Tommi’s Burger Joint, Diskrikt is putting some delicious AM meals, snacks, cakes and coffee on the table. Examples of the noms that await: toasted banana bread with fresh fruit, butter, candid walnuts and syrup; spicy baked beans on toast (vegan); and smashed avocado on toast with feta, red onion marmalade and salad.

They also have fresh sandwiches, handmade cakes and strong coffee to boot. We’re pretty happy this little gem has popped up. Now we never have to leave the Kiez for breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails.


6. BREAKFAST MARKET | Eisenbahnstr. 42/43, 10997 Kreuzberg
Ok, we lied. We said top five but there’s actually six top brunch spots we love in Berlin. It’s hard not to mention the Breakfast Market at Markthalle Neun held every third Sunday a month. Here you’ll find over 50 food and drink stalls selling their breakfast/brunch interpretations including Vietnamese porridge, breakfast burgers, vegan smoothies, waffles and much more.

Coz we like things hot and meaty, you’ll find us munching on Big Stuff Smoked BBQ’s giant breakfast tray topped with pulled pork, tangy sauces, avocado, toast, and other tasty sides. The featured picture tells a thousands words we don’t have room for.

HONORARY MENTIONS: Anna Blume for Deutsch style brunching, Roamers for cozy brunch noms for two, Melbourne Canteen for their efforts in bringing the much-loved Melbourne breakfast scene to Berlin.



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