DANÉE VS. FOOD: Top 5 Cocktail Bars in Mitte


From Martinis to Manhattans, the Lucy vs. The Globe drinks trolley is a well stocked trolley. With new bars popping up every other week, it’s hard to keep up so we’re bringing you our best of the best in Berlin, suburb by suburb.

So, should you be ready to come out of your cave after the depression aka winter, keep reading. Here are five cocktail bars in Mitte that will put the spring back in your step.

…and then probably help you lose it!

REDWOOD | Bergstr 25, Mitte

Redwood is welcoming, with a custom-built Californian wood bar top, warm blue walls and friendly staff. Light and airy in the AM hours, and dimly light and intimate in the PM, this bar will take you seamlessly from your afternoon tipple through cocktail-hour and on to a nightcap. Shawn Beck, leads the team here, and does a mighty fine job in doing so.

His staff are super helpful when it comes to deciding what you feel like drinking. I usually head in and say: “I like ginger, mint, lemon, and Asian flavours”, and I haven’t been disappointed once with their tailor made concoctions. The menu has a cool table layout where one axel features dry, sweet and sweet and the other lists spirit. But don’t be shy to ask your bar-person what each are, they are happy to describe them for you.

BONBON BAR | Torstr 133, Mitte

Velvet curtains, leather sofas, gold ornaments and low lighting makes Bonbon the swankiest bar on this list. The heavy furnishing and dark interior make you feel as though you’re in a time capsule so, unlike its sweet name suggests, Bonbon is best reserved for weekend bar hopping rather than a Tuesday beverage with your housemate.

Come with an curious palette, as these guys like to keep their cocktail menu off mainstream road. They steer towards the direction of multi-layered cocktails mixed with all sorts of spices, fruits and tonics. I’ve actually heard one bartender refuse to make a tequila sunrise.


BUCK & BRECK | Brunnenstr 177, Mitte

Buck & Breck is seriously a hidden bar. Literally a doorbell labelled “bar” distinguishes it from the offices and police station on the same street. The bar brings with it a serious approach to cocktail drinking and has transformed the city’s appreciation for cocktail drinking – fully encompassing the Prohibition-era speakeasy-style bar, and the culture of sleek cocktails dating back to the 19th century.

For our money, we ordered the Creole Gimlet, Chinese Lady and one with champagne and lemon. Absolutely world-class, though a bit on the pricey side, it was worth it. Tipps: get there early to snag a seat as there’s only 20 of them, and bring dem Euros!

BUTCHERS BAR | Torstr 116, Mitte

Now that you have Google Maps out type in Butcher’s Bar. If you find yourself at a currywurst take-away joint, you’ve arrive at your destination. Walk in, head to the back right-hand corner, take a sharp left and ring the buzzer. Now you’re in, a selection of cocktails ranging from classic to interesting will keep you buzzing and happy all night long.

Nodding to its past as an abattoir, the red-lit venue sports tiled walls, bottles hanging on chains, and meat-themed paintings. These days, it’s a completely meat-free zone, and the only thing they carve up is excellent cocktails. Order a Blood and Sand to stay on-theme, a refreshing Moscow Mule or a Sweet Tooth. And do try to avoid getting alcoholically slaughtered.


G&T BAR | Friedrichstr. 117, Mitte

Take yourself on a boozy journey at G&T Bar where gin is the only spirit on the menu. 100 gins to be precise. Located behind a hotel, G&T is the perfect Friday night watering hole, a place where you can escape the crowd, and pull up a stool at the bar knowing the barman in front of you will serve a cocktail that’s worth waiting all week for. All you need to say at the bar in fresh, herby or flowery and the staff will guide the way.

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Images thanks to: Novono, Placces, and Armano Group.



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