DANÉE VS. FOOD: Top 5 Bowls of Pho in Berlin


Since the temps dropped below eight degrees, Lucy vs. the Globe has been hitting the streets to find the best pho this town has to offer. That’s three months of research and a hell of a lot of liquid. Now is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, dear readers – the top five (plus two) pho joints in Berlin.

1. SAIGON GREEN | Kantstr 23, 10623 Charlottenburg
Once you slurped your way through Saigon Green’s bowl of pho, you’ll be hooked. This place ticks all the boxes: experienced staff, quick service, a clean fit out and a nicely curated menu. Having heard glowing reports about this place, we quickly flipped to the soup page in the menu and ordered up.

Firstly, the pho arrived at the perfect temperature so we started woofing it down as soon as it hit the table. One spoonful in and, jackpot, we had struck pho gold. What makes this pho so delicious is the perfectly balanced flavours of the broth, and noodle, meat, herb ratio. I’m convinced their recipe has actual healing powers. It’s not the cheapest broth ‘n noodle mix around, setting you back 7 euro, and it’s in Charlottenburg, but it’s worth it.


2. COM VIET | Münzstr 3, 10178 Mitte
If you look up kitsch in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of Com Viet. It’s tiki opp shop decor, bamboo furniture and the sweet twang of Vietnamese being exchanged behind the bar makes this restaurant the cutest thing since fluffy puppies. We were there for lunch just yesterday and they still had Christmas themed cushions on every stool – cute. As for the menu, it’s just as pleasing. You can easily walk away having spent only 5 euro. I mean, wowzers, what a time to be alive! People will pay 10 euro for lunch in Mitte so we’re hoping that the owners are just super nice people (who haven’t caught on yet).

Speaking of the menu, a pho here won’t even help you empty out your coin purse, at just 3 euro. It’s different to most pho we’ve taste, but in a good way. The broth is yellow and tips the sour end of the scale. Obviously you can appreciate that for 3 euro you’ll be getting a little less in your bowl i.e. less meat i.e. more room for something else. We tried the crispy duck with noodles which we have affectionately named KFD. Kentucky Fried Duck. Lecker.

photo 1_opt

3. MONSIEUR VUONG | Alte Schönhauserstr 46, 10119 Mitte
Bowls of pho have been satisfying customers here since 2008, and we can see why. The restaurant has an infectious bubbly vibe, the floor staff are excellent and every dish tastes, well, great. The pho is made with a fattier, sweeter broth which we thoroughly enjoyed throwing in a few chillies to even it out.

Have it as one of many shared dishes with friends (ok, sharing soup is weird, so maybe just with your lover or BFF) though…and it’s a nourishing as the rest of them. If you’re wanting to do pho and drinks on a Saturday night this is the place for it. We must warn you, the queue can be 10, 15, sometimes 20 people deep, so arrive early or in a pair to increase your chances of getting a seat.

4. VAN HOA | Stargarderstr 79, 10437 Prenzlauer Berg
There’s an array of Vietnamese joints in Prenzlauer Berg including Onkel Ho and Mamay which are great but for us, Van Hoa stood out and worth shining a light on. She may not have the interior styling of Onkel Ho or the foot traffic of Mamay on Schönhauser Allee but she offers what any lunch goer is looking for at midday and that’s a good, fast and well-priced feed. With a don’t-need-background-music-because-there-are-so-many-customers atmosphere, the service is perfectly suited for your 30 minute lunch dash. The staff are pleasant and always glad to see you.

It’s important to note that Van Hoa is always busy, but their menu is less crowded and easy to decipher. Really though, the pho is the key to a satisfying meal here. Chicken or beef, you ask? Go for the chicken and make your friend order a curry so you can have a taste coz they’re good. They have spring rolls but I wouldn’t bother unless you need more deep fried pastry in your life. Basically, what we’re saying is: pho it all the way.

minh trang the wednesday chef

5. Because Top 5 Bowls of Pho in Berlin sounds better than seven, we’re giving you a three for one deal here and making it quick.

MISS SAIGON | Skalitzerstr 38, 10999 Kreuzberg
Miss Saigon is the Vietnamese spot of choice come Summer with plenty of comfortable seating outside. And if you’re wandering, you can still eat pho in Berlin in summer. It gets hot, but not that hot.

MINH TRANG | Kantstr 67, 10627 Charlottenburg
Across the road, and a bit down from Saigon Green if you wanna be a double mo-pho.

CHAY VIET | Brunnenstr 164, 10119 Mitte
You may remember us talking about Chay Viet in our very first Danée vs. Food post about comfort food in Berlin. She does a mean vegetarian (tofu) version of the soupy hot bowl and a good one at that. Highly recommend.

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**Image for Minh Trang borrowed from The Wednesday Chef



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