DANÉE VS. FOOD: Morgan from Silo’s Top 5 Pizza Joints in Berlin


I never thought I’d say this, but Berlin has a sick selection of pizza joints. How do I know? (No, I haven’t eaten at them all (yet)). Morgan Love told me where to go.

Morgan is the co-owner of Silo Coffee, a café in Frierichshain that turns top quality ingredients (food, coffee and milk) into things people like to consume and serves them in warm, wooden setting. Consider it a crime if you haven’t at least had a coffee at Silo. Recently though, Morgan has moved his focus on a new project: Master Wolf Cold Brew.

As much as he loves coffee, Morgan’s got a soft spot for pizza. “It’s a social food and I really like that aspect. You’re never having a shit time while eating pizza – you are either hanging out with friends drinking wine or lying around spending some quality time in bed with your hangover. It’s all good,” says the man of the hour. So we asked him, what are his favourite pizza places in Berlin?

Here they are.


IL RITROVO Gabriel Max Str. 2, 10245 Friedrichshain
Il Ritrovo is a Friedrichshain staple. Commonly referred to as Punk Pizza by my friend Tom (and possibly others…) due to all the punk band posters crudely decorating the walls. Don’t expect royal treatment here, just come for quality pizza and cheap (but drinkable) red wine.

Tipp: The chilli oil here is on point.
Favourite Pizza: Montanara


STANDARD | Templinerstr. 7, Ecke Zionkirschestr,  10119 Prenzlauer Berg 
A newcomer to Berlin, these guys are doing good things. Using imported 00 wheat flour from Italy expect a perfectly airy crust. The San Marzano D.O.P. tomato glows red on the base and the quality of toppings is more than apparent. Quick and good service.

Tipp: They’re also stocking some nice natural wines.
Favourite Pizza: Margherita


A MAGICA | Griefenhagenerstr. 54, 10437 Prenzlauer Berg
Set against the Gethsemanekirche (Gesthsemane Chruch) in Prenzlauer Berg, these guys are Roma football and pizza fanatics. The house made Salsiccia here is bordering on illegal and I have heard that if you ask nicely they’ll make you a pizza with just tomato, Salsiccia and mozzarella. Properly disgusting house red wine kind of adds to the experience.

Tipp: Don’t get the red wine.
Favourite Pizza: Pupone with tomato


PIZZA NOSTRA | Lychenerstr. 2, 10437 Prenzlauer Berg
Continuing on the homemade Salsiccia vibe, Pizza Nostra make the best ‘beer and pizza’ pizza, Salsiccia e Crudo. They’re focusing on preparing most of their ingredients in-house with a Neapolitan style. Not the most awe-inspiring location, however, a short stroll from Helmholtz Platz, or there are a bunch of seats outside looking out onto the beautiful vista of Danzingerstr.

Tipp: Three pizzas between two. All Salsiccia e Crudo.
Favourite Pizza: Salsiccia e Crudo


ZOLA | Paul Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999 Kreuzberg
Another newcomer to Berlin’s pizza scene. Zola are tucked away off Paul Lincke Ufer, which makes it perfect for taking a pizza and beer and sitting on the canal. Perfect bases and top quality ingredients. They’re using a proper wood fired oven which gets to over 500° so the pizzas come out quick and smokey.

Tipp: Coffee at Concierge afterwards.
Favourite Pizza: Buffalo Mozzarella, Prosciutto e Funghi

Images thanks to Finding Berlin, Berlin Food Stories, Like A Local Guide & Foodie in Berlin.

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