DANÉE VS. FOOD: Gettin’ healthy, na na na na na na #2015


Kale, coconut oil and chia seeds probably won’t change your life or reverse the sins you committed in 2014 but these three foods do taste great, and are super good for your body. One thing that’s important when it comes to healthy food is its deliciousness factor. Particularly vital when one of your new year’s resolutions is to eat less fried chicken and more your-body-is-a-temple sorta shit.

Here’s a list of five healthy places that know how to make food that’s both yum and good for your insides.

DALUMA | Weinbergsweg 3, 10119, Mitte
Quick and healthy? Ja, bitte! This is the mission for Daluma, the minimal but still cozy cafe that opened with much applause on Weinbergsweg in Mitte a few months ago. Since they flung open their doors, people have been coming from near and far to get their hands on freshly pressed juices, super healthy breakfast bowls like chia pudding; salads and other raw and vegan treats. What do we love most? Everything is takeaway. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner covered.

LIQUID GARDEN | Stargarderstr. 72, 10437, Prenzlauer Berg
Green juices are by far the fastest way to get 1.5kg of vegetables in your system. If you’re body is in need of some extra vitamins and minerals, look no further than Liquid Garden. The owner has been working in hospitality industry for over 20 years and you can feel it as soon as you walk in the place – it’s beautifully decorated with a long communal table (for long juice dates with friends or boyz/galz) and lush green ferns and succulents on every surface. They’ll also be introducing salads, and raw snacks in the new year. If they’re juices are anything to go by, then we reckon the new menu will be a hit. If drinking your meals is up your allee, also check out Rawesome Factory.

TILL THE COWS COME HOME | Schonhauser Allee 9, 10119, Prenzlauer Berg
When food and art come together and make something awesome. Til the Cows Come Home has nailed it from the beautifully converted shipping container that the cafe lives in to every dish on the organically-skewed menu. There’s a short list of salads – think beetroot, goats cheese, spinach; detox juices, and open sandwiches. It’s right next to The Barn too so grab a well-made (hard to find in Berlin) coffee pre or post your TTCC sesh.

JUTE BAKERY | Schonhauser Allee 52a, 10437, Prenzlauer Berg
Glutards rejoice! Heaven in the form of bake goods has just landed in Berlin on Schonhause Allee. This bakery is a game changer for people who can’t have normal bread or just choose not to part take in the gluten game. They use all sorts of flours including chestnut, teff, potato, corn and buckwheat. Our hands were full of bread when we left the bakery so didn’t get a chance to take home some sweets, but they looked seriously good. And the bread? It would give any old backerei a run for it’s mulla.

FAST RABBIT | Eberswalderstr. 1, 10437, Prenzlauer Berg
Many Berliners say that the city still needs to work on their vegan offering, but if you’re coming from Australia, there’s no such thing as a vegan only restaurant or cafe. Let us introduce you to your new Sunday hand out, Fast Rabbit. Fast Rabbit came to us highly recommended by a long time vegan friend of the blawg. She said “Wanna come to vegan lunch on Sunday?” we were like “Awesome, lets do it” out loud, but in our heads we were like “What about the bacon?!??!”. And the verdict, a thoroughly enjoyable experience despite the lack of meat. A totally relaxed vibe, Fast Rabbit, serves up freshly baked tortillas, with German, Asian, Italian and Mexican inspired fillings as well as a great little selection of salads and hummus. You’ll also find a soup or two on the menu and a selection of tempting homemade vegan treats on the counter.

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**Photo thanks to Daluma



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