DANÉE VS. FOOD: Meet Kresten from Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers


In the last year, Berlin’s coffee scene has exploded. Finally. By exploded I mean, there are now seven awesome places to get a caffeinated brew in the city, instead on zero. This week we visited the new kid on the block, Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers, and spoke to founder/ owner, Kresten Thøgerson.

Kresten, an Aussie, with his crew are running the cafe like pros – from the coffee, to the superb service and the kitchen – all in a cozy and beautifully designed space. If coffee is something you plan your day around, Father Carpenter is the X making the spot. The patriarchs of coffee have landed.

Thank the lord.


DANÉE: What’s with the name of your café?
KRESTEN: Father is a father figure in a lot of people’s lives. That’s how we ask our staff to look at service, as a figure of guidance to assist in the transition from hungry, thirsty and tired to full, healthy, awake. alert, and most of all, happy. We want to take the possible awkwardness away from the café experience.

Carpenter is a craftsman, devoted to one specific thing. Slowly and meticulously chipping away at the mediocrity in search of perfection.

D: Why did you come to Berlin? And why do you love it?
K: I came back to Berlin to try and open a café. The specialty coffee scene here is blossoming! There are loads of cafés that are producing super delicious coffee.

A large part of why I love Berlin is the headspace of a lot of people I meet here. Shanti. A lot of people have a certain calmness of the soul. They’re eager for progression in their field, and they’re hard workers but they approach life in what seems to be a slow, well planned way.

D: Coffee is the best thing since coffee because…
K: Because coffee is the most flavoursome thing that humans consume.

D: If you were a coffee, what would you be?
K: I’d be 21%, clean and sweet. Prerequisites.

D: What would you doing if you weren’t making coffee?
K: Growing up I wanted to be a clown, because I loved making people smile and laugh, even if if was humiliating myself. I then realised that clowns probably make people cry more than laugh. After that realisation I decided I wanted to be a lawyer, because of the book Matthews Flinders Cat by Bryce Courtney. Then, in University, I realised that I’d be a terrible lawyer so I became Tom Cruise. I am Tom Cruise…

Yeah, probably, a clown.

D: When you’re not brewing lattes, you are…
K: Drinking coffee at other people’s cafés. I very much like road cycling too

D: What would I find if I opened your bag right now?
K: If you opened my bag you’d find:

    • receipts kept in the same filing system as Dylan Moran in Black Books
    • a laptop from the 19th century
    • gloves
    • Blue Bottle – Aida Batlle, El Salvador Filter coffee
    • plastic V60
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • lint

D: It’s 1999, what’s your soundtrack of your year?
K: Probably Sublime – 40oz of Freedom

D: Worst habit?
K: Having just one…does that even exist?!

D: Finally, what’s next for Father Carpenter?
KRESTEN: We’ve only just opened, so next up is winning over a loyal and happy customer base, getting to know our neighbours and expanding our menu to cater better for gluten free and vegans.


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