DANÉE VS. FOOD: Comfort Food in Berlin


Each week my friend Danée will be spearheading the food/ drink movement on the blog, putting together a pseudo round up of all that is good in and around the Berlin area. Allowing us all more time for life AKA eating & cocktails – it’s a WIN/WIN.

You can extol the virtues of how good winter is until your lips turn blue; I, on the other hand want to curl up in bed and watch Seinfeld until June. I have rediscovered a few things on the other side of alcohol and bed socks though to get me through the colder months – comfort foods.

In light of the weather dropping below 10 degrees (cold for anyone originally from the Southern Hemisphere) this week, we’ve pulled together our favourite comfort food spots in Berlin to save you from hibernation.

TOMMI’S BURGER JOINT | Invalidenstr. 160 Mitte 10115
The burger game in Berlin is intense. There’s chicken burgers, Asian-inspired burgers, vegan burgers – you name it and you’ll find it. We reckon Tommi’s ist der Shit though. Juicy organic beef patties weighing in at 150g, tasty fries, a sick selection of extras such as bacon and bearnaise sauce; and the thickest thick-shakes in all the classic flavours.

PRIC€? Burgers start at €5.25

TIP: Fear not gluten intolerant or comfort food phobes, these guys are on to it and will make you a lettuce bun burger instead. Just ask.

ALIMENTARI | Fehrbellinerstr. 54 Mitte 10119
If your mum’s house is more than a three hour flight away, then you’ll want to have Alimentari saved to your google maps this winter. It’s the place to go for an authentic Italian home-cooked meal. Even if you’re not Italian, you’ll definitely appreciate the love that goes into every dish here. Plus, they’re generous, like mum. ‘Cept, you gotta pay up, not much though.

PRIC€? Menu starts at €6

TIP: Order the lasagna. Period.

COCOLO RAMEN | Paul-Linke-Ufer 39/40 Kreuzberg 10999
Ramen is the quintessence of comfort food. It’s hot, soupy, carby, filling and de-freaking-licious. The place to nourish your bod with this Japanese noodly brothy goodness is, Cocolo Ramen. Steaming big bowls filled with seaweed, bamboo shoots, noodles, egg, and meat (or not!) of your choice come out on the double – the staff are super quick, and friendly too. You know when a restaurant is good, when they have two locations. One in Mitte, one in Kreuzberg.

PRIC€? Small plates from €3, ramen from €8

TIP: Check out the entrees too, we really liked the gyoza.

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