DANÉE VS. FOOD: Where to get your cake fix in Berlin


These days, not an hour goes by without a thought or two about eating cake thanks to our dear friend, winter. Now, cake has become a thing, something I highly doubt the change in season will shake out of me. Having entered the cake realm, I’ve realised for a greater slice of the population wild dreams involve cake. And now they can become yours too. Over the last four months I have been ingesting many sponges, upside-downs and double bakes to bring you a list of the best places to get your cake fix in Berlin.

PRINCESS CHEESECAKE | Tucholskystr. 37, 10117 Mitte
Princess Cheesecake set a benchmark for the new generation of cake shops and bakers in Berlin. Before it opened in 2011, the closest place you could get fancy pastries was in Paris. Baking dreams in circular form seven days a week you’ll always have at least five to ten options to choose from at this cute and dainty cake shop. The summer berry is madness, the layers cream carrot cake is divine, and chocolate cake…all I’ll say is there’s more than one kind.

FIVE ELEPHANTS | Reichenbergerstr. 101, 10999 Kreuzberg
This little gem in Kreuzberg isn’t a cake shop per se, but it does bake a seriously good cheesecake, not to mention a great brew. Put the two together and you have a wonderful café experience worth travelling for. I also enjoyed the lemon and poppyseed cake, with a cup of Darjeeling tea. They say Berliners like to spend their weekends at their country house, I’d prefer to settle here for a few hours with my nearest and dearest eating cake and talking silly.

TASSENKUCHEN | Malplaquestr. 33. 13347 Wedding 
When Google orders 400 cupcakes from your humble shop you know you’re doing something right. TassenKuchen is an American-style café churning out fair-trade and organic sweet treats in the form of cupcakes, slices, biscuit sandwiches, and a whole bench-top more. Many of their finger-licking delights are vegan, and if you’re looking to balance out the sweet with some salt they also have a savoury menu. And on Sundays, it’s unlimited pancakes and cupcakes for all. Ja, bitte!

JUBEL – FEINE PATISSERIE | Hufelandstr. 7, 10407 Prenzlauer Berg
From its candied creations to its pastel interior, Jubel is the belle of the cake ball. Assign yourself, and your sweet-toothed partner in crime, a good two hour dessert date and make your way to this fine patisserie in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. Be it creme puffs, tartlets, or mini opera cakes everything is made on site by Kai and Lucie who pour a whole lot of heart, soul and flavour into each treat. And when it comes to quality, there’s no compromise. All ingredients are sourced locally, even the coffee is from Bonanza.

MARTIN’S PLACE | Pannierstr. 29, 12047 Neukölln
This hidey-hole cake shop on Pannierstr provides a seemingly endless variety of cake creations which makes having just one, the hardest decision you’ll make all week. Could be worse. But first you have to fight your way to the counter where all of Mr Martin’s handmade cakes await. Big ones, small ones, sponges, flans, twice baked, and layered cakes bring life to the small glass cabinet. The cakes change all the time, but it’s the sesame cake, and chocolate pastry cake that has people queuing up. All treats are made on site so it’s likely you’ll see Martin working this magic when you’re there.

Got a favourite cake shop in Berlin? We’d love to hear about it!

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** Image: kindly borrowed from Princess Cheesecake



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