DANÉE VS. FOOD: A Day of Eating in Neukölln


Sometimes all you want to do is hang out in your Kiez (= neighbourhood for those reading at home). The thought of riding your bike or catching public transport instantly zaps your energy. Instead, you message a friend who lives in your hood and say hey wanna grab brunch at insert cafe-located-only-100 meters-from-your-front-door here.

Brunch then turns into a walk, which then turns into a coffee then shopping then probably, boozing and probably Berghein.

Here’s a little one-day guide to eating, drinking, and casual activities in Neukölln. It also a handy and impressive list of things to see, do, eat and drink with friends from out of town.



BEUSTER | Weserstr 32, 12045
Most places in Berlin are a cafe/restaurant/bar which is a good and a bad thing because they’re often trying to be good at everything and sometimes spreading yourself too thin doesn’t work. Not the case for, Beuster. These guys pour wonderful cocktails, entertain a full house with delicious hearty food in the evening and serve a mean brunch menu on the weekend. Go for the Norwegian breakfast or pancakes with berries, bacon and maple syrup. You won’t regret it.


From Beuster walk down Weichselstr until you hit Maybachufer. Take a leisurely stroll along the canal and if you’re lucky you may be welcomed by the hustle and bustle of the Neukölln Flohmarkt.

Flea markt


KATIE’S BLUE CAT | Friedelstr 31, 12047
After all that walking (it’s not that far, just giving you a reason to have cake!) stop into Katie’s for a Bonanza coffee and piece of of cake. Everthing is made in house and changes daily. And it’s all tasty – try the banana bread, NY cheesecake or chocolate cookies.


While you’re in this neck of the woods, take a right onto Sanderstr and check out the famous vintage clothing store Sing Blackbird.

sing blackbird


FRÄULEIN FROST | Freidelstr 39, 12047
So say you saved yourself and didn’t have a treat at Katie’s or you want to continue your sugar high, then keep walking along Freidelstr until you hit the ice cream shop. If it’s hot the line will be long, but be patient, the ice-cream is well worth it. I’m a sorbet girl, but the ice-cream is the bomb-diggity too.


So say you’ve spent a few hours with your Kiez-bestie and the convo is running thin. Why not catch a breath and watch an original flick at MovieMento Kino. If you so happen to be strolling through with these handy tips on the weekend 26-28 June, check out 48 Stunden Neukölln – a 2-day long arts festival. Looks promising!



GEIST IM GLAS | Lenaustr 27, 12047
When the movie is finished pop around to Geist for a pre-dinner cocktail or whiskey. If the cosiness of the bar holds you hostage it’s cool, with so many granny-style furnishings and dim lighting, it’ll surely happen. When your appetite gets the better of you though we recommend walking to Burrito Baby for some vegetarian Mexican goodness that’ll fill you up until the following weekend, or Sauvage – Berlin’s only paleo restaurant.


There’s always Berghain if you’re now ready to venture outside your bubble. If you’ve had a burrito we know your home will be the next stop.

** Images thanks to Finding Berlin, Jhlherrate, Uber Ding, FrauGrafikerin.de & Stil in Berlin.

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