DANÉE VS. FOOD: 5 very good places to get Yuletide drunk


Each week my friend Danée will be spearheading the food/ drink movement on the blog, putting together a pseudo round up of all that is good in and around the Berlin area. Allowing us all more time for life AKA eating & cocktails – it’s a WIN/WIN.

What’s the best thing about Christmas? Is it decorating the Christmas tree or shovelling leftover ham in your mouth for a whole week after the big day? Nope (well, we like the ham part) – it’s getting pissy pants in the days leading up to the 25th with your colleagues, friends and relatives. Move over expat Xmas catch ups, and Christmas markets, you basic bitches, because we’ve got a sick list of bars where getting merry is high up on the menu.

BONBON BAR | Torstr. 133, Mitte 10119
The bartenders at BonBon have always been good at mixing and shaking. Maria Neumann though, knows how to create a bespoke cocktail thats not on the menu – and that’s exactly what we did. The (short) brief was Christmas. Out came four different cocktails for every one that was there. So if you’ve asked Santa for a cocktail mixing kit, get a refund as soon as you open it, and head down to see Maria, she’ll hook you up and teach you a thang or two.

REDWOOD | Bergstr. 25, Mitte 10115
Conveniently located around the corner from BonBon, Redwood is that bar you wish you had on your street. Run by an American dude and some handsome staff, this crew delivers a solid and friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere and an eclectic mix of cocktails. And they’re getting right into the festive season with homemade batches of Christmas Egg Nog. As the name suggests, it’s made with egg and a generous splash of whisky/rum plus spices and cream and milk to thicken it up. Finger licking goooooood. TIPP: The Egg Nog has been selling out by 10pm so get their early.

JOHN MUIR | Skalitzerstr. 51, Kreuzberg 10997
Cancel everything you had planned for the night because once you step foot in John Muir you ain’t gonna wanna leave. John Muir is a cool, cozy, Brooklyn-style cocktail joint offering a seasonal cocktail menu which means lots of wintery Yuletide-ness to get the festivities flowing.

BUCK & BRECK | Brunnenstr. 177, Mitte 10119
This sleek but not stuffy bar may only be one room with a capacity for 15 people but its tiny size makes it the perfect place to celebrate Christmas with thy lover. Grab an early dinner nearby then walk to the Police Station on Brunnenstrasse. Next to it you’ll find a door, ring the buzzer that says ‘Bar’ and you’ll be greeted by one of the bar staff who will say yay (= you’re in!) or nay (= “I don’t like your shirt, go away”). The cocktails are nothing short of spectacular. Although they don’t have a Christmas drink per se the bar staff are excellent at their craft and are happy to make you something off the menu. Warning: the drinks are potent and will take your silly season to the next level.

TIER | Weserstraße 42, Neukölln 12045
We are yet to get a tipple at Tier but we’ve put it on the list coz we’re dying to go and have heard only great things about the place. So, please go for us, coz we’re already drunk from testing out all these bars for you and fear our livers won’t make it to Christmas. Bitte, danke.

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**Photo thanks to Redwood, Christmas vibez thanks to Lucy



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