Daddy’s Long Leg, it got the good feelings.


Daddy's Long LegI was off to bed last night, when Daddy’s Long Leg came into my SoundCloud stream, and I began having a handful of really weird moments. Their track Abroad is somehow really strange, in the best possible way. It’s the sort of song my mum would think is just noise (she has said this about Arabia, Purity Ring and a handful of others.) but for me – I get the head movements and a solid feeling of excitement.

Life is not taking any exciting turns at the moment, having lived in Berlin 1 year – I find myself going through all sorts of “Anniversaries” that I don’t care for. So excitement has not be a top of the agenda emotion. Right now – I’m excited, a bit confused – and pretty happy we aren’t dealing with Monday any more.

I know nothing about these guys, only a Soundcloud page. They are from a place called Newcastle Upon Tyne, which I think is the most romantic named place in England (even though it’s probably a tip). Don’t you just think that some sort of Downtown Abby scenario is happening there, with sordid love affairs and deceit of the ages? It’s like rich people (or attempting to be posh people) with double barreled last names. Cities containing 3 words = torrid tales of {insert appropriate adjective here}. Semi weird these guys are UK, because I get a bit of a Scandinavian vibe, to be honest.

Now, get it in your ear drums.

Post-Script: Seems it is an off shoot act of Mammal Club, thanks Steven for Inspector Gadget’ing this one out for us.



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