We are at the 4th letter of the alphabet..


Doing a video entry this week.. Because some of the songs I can’t find on Soundcloud – and visuals are always nice. D, I don’t think is a very strong letter for SXSW.. I mean – it’s alright, but I’m not feeling that awesome. It is highly possible that I just don’t know the songs/ bands – and there are epic ones in there – I just have to source them a bit..

1. Datarock makes me feel so fabulous. They are geeky chic and I love it.. I especially love this song, it’s sort of fabulously Grease (the movie) lyrics, and the very bizarre lilt the singer has to his voice = wicked cool (as one would say if from Boston)! I actually would be pretty pleased to see these guys at SXSW – not going to lie.

Computer Camp Love // Datarock

2. I wasn’t going to include Das Racist in my SXSW line up, because I feel like recently I have covered them quite a bit, they are kind of old – so people know what is up.. But the fact is, they are sort of epic – and I wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty with them. And by dirty – I mean loose.. and by loose, I mean having a few drinks. Come on now, my mum reads this blog..

Ek Shaneesh // Das Racist

3. It could just be that I am OBSESSED with Sia – that I truly love this song, but I think that Diplo is sort of epic anyway – so he is listed. I’m not a big heavy disco music lover anymore – but I thin I could get down to it.. Just a little bit – maybe with some help. But it is entirely possible. I used to love the disco sticks, or at least I thought I did.. I mean one of my very good friends was the kid that used to dance against the speakers at heavy clubs.. And I was the chick who was hopelessly in love – so would follow, even tho it made me a little nauseous.. Been there, done that, could do it again.

Clap Your Hands (Diplo Remix) // Sia

4. DVAS – music from OH Canada.. Loving Canada at the moment.. Especially loving these guys because one of their songs I managed to catch had it’s in intro en Francias.. and I do love a good bit of a French husk. Little bit of a roll of the R – and I will happily roll around. Once upon a time – I lived in France, so this brings a small amount of nostalgia for me.. Makes me think of pain au chocolait, cafe au lait et the 7 kgs I managed to pack on during a 2 month stint of many a cheese after dinner. YUM – but not ok.

Society // DVAS

So view the lovelies above – & then check out the SXSW site for the letter D, it’s worth a look. (I think I’m a tad unschooled)


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