Cultural Observations – made during a European Cup


Well the European Cup has ended. And it’s not that I wont miss it – as it did give me things to do in the evening when I should have been looking for apartments and perhaps updating the blogg. However, as someone who doesn’t (completely) understand soccer I can admit that I’ve had my full share of it, for at least the next month.

I probably have had more observations during the European Cup – but it seems this is all I wrote down. As a disclaimer – if any slash all of these reflect you as an Australian fan please do not take offense – I am simply stating fact, perhaps you should own it. And as for the Germans – these were observations from games I watched alone drinking in the bars of Berlin – so perhaps it should be I who is judged.

  1. European football players are very easy to express emotion when something is painful, even if it wasn’t. This sort of behavior would not be tolerated in the Australian Football League (AFL). Unless you are bleeding – you just play on. Yelling about it gets you taken off the field, and that would be nay-ideal when you are there to play football.
  2. Fans shake their fingers – much like “nuh-uh girlfriend” type shaking (mostly Italian fans, but I did see it across the board). Australians would probably turn to their mate, say something along the lines of “m8” followed by their mate saying “m88888” and then they might yell something and give anyone who was interested the finger.
  3. European female fans seem to make what sounds like a horn sound while watching, for no apparent reason. There is no obvious rhyme or reason as to why it is happening. It could just be that someone has the ball from one of the teams (not fussed which team). It could be that they may almost get a goal or they passed to someone, got pulled up for being offside..? In Australia – you have two female fans. Those who watch quietly (slash respectfully) supporting their boyfriends love of the sport, and then those that behavior like animals; horns would be something of a prop – and probably frowned upon.
  4. Grown men cry. This is a sporting phenomena I have never experienced.. Until Germany lost to Italy when I was outside a bar in Berlin – and grown men were crying. It would be safe to say that Australian men would be a bit down after their team lost the final slash {insert appropriate round here} but I think that they might just drink another beer and write it all off as an excuse for a rather large night.
  5. European femmes that support football are kind of cute, it’s mostly endearing (minus the horn making sounds). I kind of feel that supporting the whole football (AFL) vibe in Australia is a bit bogan, and maybe almost lacking in class. This might also be that the female football fans I do in fact know – support teams that are a bit classless, and these teams supporters (in general) are widely known as less than desirable… Possibly I am not an authority on this.

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