Cults, Classixx, Casiokids.. AND Childish Gambino – YES PLEASE!


Third letter, great to be here. I am starting to feel less and less daunted by this project. It’s actually kind of nice, I mean I get to have a quick look over who is playing – and be familiar.. A wise friend said to me that if I were to go (to SXSW) I shouldn’t plan my time there, as it would make me crazy. And I don’t intend to plan – I mean I would be kind of bummed if I were to miss people because I wasn’t there (ie. I’m in San Francisco) – but if I miss people because I am at something that is just epic – I don’t believe I would care – that’s life, and it’s for of the moment living! So without further ado..

Casiokids – We all know I love a good Scandi, so why I wouldn’t love these kids from Norway is beyond me.. Verdens største land makes me so goddamn dancy – it’s almost tragic to listen to while at work..  Fot i hose, also makes me feel sort of fancy in the feet, but that one has had a bit of time around the place, so thought I might not sample it.. Or maybe I should have because it is the obviously good one.. Who knows.. But as Mc Donalds coined “I’m loving it..”

Childish Gambino -I’m sorry – but Donald Glover was the first musician I have ever proposed to.. Since that point I think I am betrothed to about 17.. I’m like a musical polygamist.. I just started watching Big Love the other day – kinda creeps me out that whole polygamy business, so perhaps I’m actually not that down with it.. Not sure – but either way, I would still like to marry DG – he is a total babe, funny, probably smart – because he writes funny things, and he thinks himself a bit of a hip hop artist.. Babe status to the nines.. And we are the same age…Take me now!

Classixx – I have this vision of me doing an animated gif to their remix of Physic City by Yachts.. In the song it says “…I would be washing up the dishes and the kitchen might SAY! Hang around baby baby, hang around baby baby, hang around baby we’ll be baking a cake for you.” Now I know that Classixx didn’t write this song, but that is perfect for a gif – with the cupboards opening and closing and then a cake appearing.. FABULOUS.. A coworker and I were going to make it happen, but then I forgot/ couldnt be bothered.. But if someone makes you want to do things like that to their music – they must be awesome.

Cults – They need to stop being so bloody fabulous.. I just want to make out with this song (Go Outside), immediately.. First time I heard it was remixed by Brainhbeats – which made me all sorts of giddy. And the original just doesn’t really disappoint, I’m still light headed – with a slight pang of nostalgia.. And frankly – readers who occasionally adore me – isn’t that all you need from music. I warm feeling in the pit of your tummy, that you can’t quiet articulate.

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